High-value powered monitors

In our family room, we have built-in bookshelves flanking a central fireplace with a stone chimney that runs floor to ceiling. I'd like to assemble a quality stereo system for the room, but I can't run speaker cables behind or through the chimney. So, I'm thinking I might use some sort of wireless broadcasting setup from (maybe) Radio Shack to broadcast the signal to each of two powered monitors. (Alternatively, I could use traditional bookshelf speakers each powered by a local monoblock, but I am NOT wanting to ring the bell on cost.) Two questions:

1. any recs on powered monitors aka the NHT M-00?
2. any thoughts on the fidelity of such a wireless broadcast and what options I might have there?
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Yes, both built-in bookshelves have multiple outlets. No problem powering the speakers.

Any thoughts on the Audioengine 5 models? They seem to offer everything I need at a ridiculously inexpensive price.
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Not powered , but might just rock your boat .....


Mackies. Several models out there, and you can find 'em used easily.