High-value powered monitors

In our family room, we have built-in bookshelves flanking a central fireplace with a stone chimney that runs floor to ceiling. I'd like to assemble a quality stereo system for the room, but I can't run speaker cables behind or through the chimney. So, I'm thinking I might use some sort of wireless broadcasting setup from (maybe) Radio Shack to broadcast the signal to each of two powered monitors. (Alternatively, I could use traditional bookshelf speakers each powered by a local monoblock, but I am NOT wanting to ring the bell on cost.) Two questions:

1. any recs on powered monitors aka the NHT M-00?
2. any thoughts on the fidelity of such a wireless broadcast and what options I might have there?
Tons of choices depending on your budget...

Audioengine has powered speakers and a wireless hookup device. Outlaw has a wireless hookup device. I have no experience with either.

You realize that you'll still have a power cable to each speaker, right?
Yes, both built-in bookshelves have multiple outlets. No problem powering the speakers.

Any thoughts on the Audioengine 5 models? They seem to offer everything I need at a ridiculously inexpensive price.
I can recommend KRK VXT6 active monitors. They are quite good. Depending on the size of your room, the VXT8 may be a better fit.

I read that Audioengine has a good following. They never appealed to me due to not being an active design and one of the speakers is passive. So you have to be able to connect the passive speaker to the powered speaker. http://audioengineusa.com/Store/Audioengine-5#tech-stuff
Not powered , but might just rock your boat .....


Mackies. Several models out there, and you can find 'em used easily.