High value, giant killer speakers?

What speakers have you heard at any price did you find are fairly priced or a great deal and competed with offerings much more expensive (2x, 3x, 4x etc)? 
The JBL Studio 590s were amazing speakers for the money.A highly engineered and sophisticated horn design which sounded superb with low powered amplifiers. JBL seems to have stopped making them however.
If you have the ability to do simple DIY, the LX521's are really superb. I made the Orions and was disappointed. The LX521.4 are really great speakers. From a very deep and tight bass, to a sublime midrange with excellent imaging, A little odd looking, but fantastic performance.
Audiokinesis JM2.0 + Space Generators..for just below $9k..sounds fantastic and amazingly real. This is a killer deal..
Another vote for Tekton. I’m coming from 15 years of Maggie’s (1.6-20.1). The Moab’s do things they just couldn’t do. I was a skeptic. After 200 hours of break in I am a believer. 
My reference and last speaker is Philharmonic-3 fro Philharmonic Audio. Just my ears :)