High value floorstanders around $1k used

Hi, does anyone know what other speaker line has a comparable price/performance ratio to the Triangle line. I like the triangles, but really don't want to use a sub and I'd like the speakers to be black. Amp is Creek 5350R (75 wpc). Like to listen to jazz and would like to hear the string bass notes well. How about the Axioms M60ti? Room is medium size and close to wall placement will be necessary. Thanks.

On Audiogon: Paradigm Studio 100 V.2 Black Laminate
No relation, but a great speaker for the $.
Perhaps Linn?
I second the rec for the Paradigm speakers. I think they are neck and neck with the PSB speakers, try the silver or bronze out. They are a bit dark, but very forgiving of the source electronics. They can be had for a steal even in their high gloss piano black finish.
I third the Paradigm Reference Studio 100.2s. I own them and just adore them. I auditioned in my house the Triangle Celius and was happy to get back to my Paradigms. You are right, the Triangles are simply weak in the bass. Also the Paradigms are SUPER easy to place. I have mine with the cones only 26 inches from the back wall and sound just as they did when they were 40 inches away. I have moved them all around the room with little change in sound. They are flat out amazing speakers in terms of sound quality and look great too. They do like power but I think 75W should be enough for all but head-banging levels - they are 90dB sensitive afterall. Good luck -Arthur
Soliloquy 5.3s will be happy with your 75 wpc amp. And you will here the buzz of the rosin on the strings without it being tinny bright.Response 35hz to 20 khz with a benign impedence curve and narrow phase response. This will also give you the option of tube gear on down the road.Make sure to pick a speaker that will give you options,so not to close the door on experimentation.That's the fun of being an audiophile!
Find a used pair of Von Schweikert VR 4's
A few more candidates:
Epos es-25
Kef 103/4
The Paradigms offer lots of cheap bass in lots of cheap Canadian MDF. The mids and highs suffer, of course, but they do what they do pretty well. I prefer a more resolved midrange at the expense of less bottom octave, so $1k is better spent on great two-way 6" stand-mounts like the Alon Petites, Spendor 3/1p, etc., or a Revel M20 if you can steal a pair for $1k. Sorry to bend the thread.
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Guys, thanks for the responses! There are many speakers to choose from. I have listened to Paradigms and except for their bass, I have not been impressed. They don't sound very musical to me. The speakers that intrigue me here are the Soliloquy 5.3 and VR4s. I have also heard that Spendors are a good match for Creek, but do they make a floorstander?
All the models I have seen were standmounts. Which speakers do you belive could be placed closest to the wall without loosing they sound attributes?
The wall issue was the reason I suggested the Linns.
I'll keep it short. APOGEE STAGE!!(with the stands , of course).
Used Thiel .5s for $650 on this site...phase correct design,great imaging, a little lean on bass and a little power hungry...but they are front ported so they would work near walls... a great little 2-way floorstander....
You should check out a pair of the Von Schweikert VR-1 http://www.vonschweikert.com/interface/vr1_main.htm . They retail for 1k and sound awesome. The top end is precise and crisp without sounding tinny and if you are putting them close to the rear wall the base is no problem. But better yet, you will still get a great and deep soundstage. To me they sound like the best electrostatics with a great rich base to-boot.
Regarding Thiels, you can now find 2.2's at your price point used. They are very natural and transparent, and provide excellent bass extension and detail for the cabinet size and cost. They will work alright placed close to the front wall (no rear port), although the bass could get a little heavy overall depending on the room size and the amp being used. Been happy with mine since '97.
I agree with Subaruguru. I feel you would be better off to get a breat pair of monitors, and then perhaps add a subwoofer at a later date. I would suggest the green mountain audio europa's. The are a great sounding monitor.

See if any of the local dealers carry Castle Acoustics (a UK manufacturer). Their Pembroke model (slim floor stander) would be worth an audition. The US distributor for the line is/was (not certain anymore) May Audio Marketing, which is based near Niagara Falls.

The Pembroke's have tuneful (not exaggerated) bass and will work in small/medium rooms (also do fairly well close to the front wall, figure 12"-18").

The cabinet work is first rate and customer service from both the manufacturer and the distributor is top notch.
Andre: take a look at Kinima G2 from Zetagcorp in Toronto. These speakeakers are built with excellent craftsmanship, nice smooth nonfatiging highs, smooth midrange and deep tight bass. Go to www.Zetagcorp.com for info. They were a little more than what you want to spend ($1200?), about a year ago but are well worth it.
I also concur that a monitor is preferably at this pricing point--in fact, up to $3k i think they will outperform most floorstanders in similar price range.
Ellis Audio 1801's.