High Value Desktop Speaker stands?

I'm moving my reference mini-monitors to my bedroom on my desk. Can some one recommend perfectly good, but not perfect speaker stands for them? The footprint is about 7.5" x 11"

Thank you. 

How "perfectly good" can be "not perfect"?
I was trying to be a little funny, sorry. :)

"Perfect" implies very expensive. While "perfectly good" means it’s fine, and has nothing wrong with it but not necessarily the "best."
Surely you've considered these:


Perhaps shop for some studio/venue height adjustable stands to mount at the corner/foot of the bed Like K & M....

Audioengine sells a wedge speaker platform for small desktop speaker that are approx. the size of the AE-2.
This guy made me a semi custom pair. Great value. He is on eBay 
Thanks, I just ordered the small Isoacoustics Aperta.
erik_squires OP1,091 posts10-24-2016 11:39amI was trying to be a little funny, sorry. :) 

me too erik :-)
I have two pair of Isoacoustics stands.  Great product.    I use them on the floor with smaller monitors and slight upward tilt.