High value 3 channel amp choices?

I may be in a position soon where I want to add some juice to my center, L&R speakers. I seem to find only favorable reviews on the emotiva 3-ch amps and see them most often recommended for the budget minded.

Beyond this in the sub $1000 range (new or used) what else should I be looking at? 200w / ch should be enough.

If you are willing to go the used route and clearly stay under the $1000.00 threshold, here are a couple of high value options:

B&K Reference 4430, 3220, 200.3
Acurus A200X3

and this for close to $1000.00:


If you can find one, a used Odyssey Audio HT3 or a 3-channel Butler Audio amp would be a nice choice. I have been happily using the Odyssey Audio HT3 (w/ cap upgrade) since 2006.

Otherwise, the Emotiva might be a good way to go - they have a good return policy, too.
Thanks. How does the audio quality stack up on the mentioned alternatives?
I can only speak about the Odyssey Audio HT3. I find the sound reasonably dynamic, detailed, yet smooth, with no etch or grit. Stereo imaging and soundstage are very good, if not SOTA.