Ht is made up with Fronts 1 pair JBL L300's on the bottom and 1 pair JBL 4333A's on top powered by a pair of Krell
MDA500's. The center channel is 1 JBL 4333 with a 2205A
reconed to a 2225H for more power. This is powered by a
Eagle 7A #43 in mono. The sub is a JBL 2235 power also by
a Eagle 7A #20 in mono. The rear channel which is built in the ceiling is like a JBL Ti240 powered by a pair of Krell
KMA400's. The LE14's get scary above your head. The Pre Pro
is a Krell Audio Video Standard. The system runs on its
own 100amp service. We watch concerts the most Max SPL 126db if needed. You could probably cut meat on the electric meter when it is running flatout, and yes I can
still hear. Need a bigger screen as RP is 52" Anyone for
removing the hardening in your arteries as the bass will
The bass won't do it (remove the plaque) but the ultrasonics at 126db definitely will!
now that's what im talking about, a rig that get's scary!

Thanks Bigjoe, wished you lived closer. Kind of new to this forum stuff. Will be posting pictures in a few days and finish listing. BTW your system looks sweet and does
the bike
I was JBL's tech rep (many years ago), and yes this system is SCARY. I actually believe the claimed 126 DB may be a bit low for those components if I remember my tech sheets correctly.

Hope you're young and stop occasionally to give your ears a rest.
It might go more, but thats enough. Its hard to keep things
from moving around in the house. After a certain loudness
you get room compression and speaker also. This was the level at which it still sounds great. Otherwise I live in
a quite world. I need some new equipment any ideas to go
with the system