High rez Recorders korg, copies play else where?

I will most likely buy the korg mr 1000, but am wondering if I can capture almost all that vinyl has to offer onto a dsd format like in the korg unit, where else can I bring that high rez material to play back other than the korg itself? I would like to play it back at friends houses without carrying the korg.
Can I make dvd-a copies and play them on any dvd -a player?
If not, how far away are we from doing this?
Also will korg make a dsd dac so that the data will not have to be transfered back to the mr 1000 each time I want to hear it in high resolution?
I have just found on-line reference to the tascam dv-ra 1000. It appears to do something that I find to be different than the korg. It's able to record onto a dvd -rw.
This is new to me so bear with me!
That the tascam can burn dvd-rw's that are medium resolution 192khz/24-bit and are not confined to only playback from the tascam recorder/player they can be played back on any pc---- where the korg if played in 2.8 or 5.6mhz resolution the recorder is necessary, but then 2.8 and 5.6 is much higher resolution than the tascam's 192khz.
So with the tascams recordings onto dvd-rw if a friend's got a pc, I don't need to carry anything else but the disks if I can live with the lower rez.
But if you desire higher resolution than the tascam is needed to play back at 1-bit 2.8mhz. The only thing it's not a portable unit it's the size of a standard component making it a bit of a hassle to carry.

Now with the korg which is portable you get 1-bit 5.6 mhz which is the highest resolution available a little better than the tascam's 2.8, but only 6 hours is stored in the unit. If you have more than 6 hours worth of music(who doesn't) and want to play it in 5.6mhz rez when visiting an audiophile then you need to unload what's on the korg at the moment and reload the music you want to play from a pc preferably from a laptop.
Or cd's can be burned from the pc that received the files from the korg. Once in the pc the data may be able to be converted to other formats and burned onto a disk, but not sure what's available as in how high resolution. So far I have discovered sacd 's cannot be made at home and neither can dvd-a. cd's obviously yes.
Is this accurate, any suggestions??????????