High Resolution Downloads

Do the high resolution downloads from HDTracks at 24/192 remain the same resolution when burned to a CD?
You can burn DVD-R using audio creator software or DVD solo software
the resolution will be 24/96

"Once burned to CD, the resolution will be 16/44, not 24/192."

That may not be the only case. I have an Alessis Masterlink 9600 that can burn 24/96 to CD-R's. You only get about 20min per CD and you need to play it back on something that supports the format, like the Masterlink itself.

The 9600 I have is about 10 years old. I would suspect that there are now many options to do something like this with a PC.
The Alessis Masterlink 9600 hard drive may be 24/96 but after burning that to cd it isn't cant be its a cd
i've been burning them to DVD-A in 24/192 for years. sounds utterly fantastic and is my favorite medium for playback. you're out of luck with CD's.
"09-02-13: Abruce
The Alessis Masterlink 9600 hard drive may be 24/96 but after burning that to cd it isn't cant be its a cd"

The HD has nothing to do with "being" 24/96. Its just a regular HD. You can put anything you want on it. As far as being able to call a CD you burn a CD, you can't do so under any circumstances. CD's are pressed. CD-R's are burned. I took the liberty of assuming the OP was referring to CD-R's with his question about burning just for that reason. I just mentioned a possible solution to the OP's concern and that during the 10 years I had my Alesis, there are no doubt several other similar solutions, as well.
So what is the conclusion here? If you burn a HD Tracks high resolution file (48, 88, 96, 176, 192Hz) recording to a CD, do you loose the resolution you purchased from the original file?
Gocubs999, in the situation you describe, yes, you lose the resolution you purchased in the original file UNLESS you burn the CD specifically using an Alessis Masterlink 9600 in which case you can retain the resolution you purchased BUT you would only be able to fit a portion of the original hi-rez file on that burned CD. Also, you would ONLY be able to play the burned CD on the Masterlink itself or on a computer CD-rom drive. You would NOT be able to play the Masterlink-burned CD on ANY standalone CD/DVD player like Oppo, Cambridge, etc. that I know of. The reason for this is because the CD that the Masterlink burns is not actually an audio CD; it is a data CD. Standalone CD/DVD players like the Oppo, Cambridge, etc. do not reproduce audio from a data CD. Apparently, the Masterlink can. And many computer CD-rom drives also can. I hope this helps.
Not sure if AppGeeker DVD Creator is what you are looking for, but I use it to burn a DVD/CD, great output quality.