High resolultion cd player

I'm talking about redbook here for around $1000 used, I have a very musical goldmund SRI2 integrated, so all I care about is resolution and soundstaging and imaging, not worried if its a little cold because this will just help balance out my system in conjunction with the Goldmund. What is out there that provides among the best resolution? what do you think of the Resolution Audio CD50 vs the Theta Miles, the Classe cdp-1 or the Krell kav300i. I have a Cal Audio CL-25 right now and comparision would also be great. Any input would be appreciated and if I'm missing anything let me know!
Not sure if you are interested in DAC's, but the Birdland Odeon-AG (with variable out) is very good and can easily compete with those costing many times more.
I Presently use, and would Highly Recommend, the ELECTROCOMPANIET EMC-I !
Its very Well built ( like a tank ) and Sounds as Good as Anything out there. Listen to 1 if you can - you Won't be disappointed. Good luck !
Vecteur L-4
If you want high resolution then you can also upgrade your CD player's opamp to AD8620 for $35.
My thinking is you need a new generation of techology. I purchased a Sony SCD-555ES SACD player. Great on SACD and good for redbook CD. Beats my Rega Planet (original). Head phone amp is built-in when you want to listen to the fine detail.
I agree with S23chang......... have you consider upgrading your Cal Audio CL-25? Audiocom mods comes to mind ie: Superclock, replace your exisitng caps with Black Gates..... the list goes on. You will notice improvements as long as you still like the sound/character of your Cal. Here's the link http://www.audiocom-uk.com/
Good luck
For lK used you could get a Classe DAC which is very fine sounding unit and worked fine with my CAL CL-10 used as a transport. You are not going to get the top end or anything close for your budget, in a one box, so I would suggest you try a DAC.