High-res Downloads of Orchestral music available

This is a first for the internet. 24-bit/96kHz remastered tape files available for downloading. This music is a MUST download. Some of these tracks are famous performances that are highly sought after. If you have an Off-Ramp Turbo or Turbo2, Off-Ramp I2S or a Transporter, you can play these native 24-bit/96kHz files. They are encoded in FLAC.

The first samples (exerpts) are being offered for download are FREE at this URL:



Steve N.
Empirical Audio
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This is promising. The future of music will be downloads and likely computer (or at least hard drive) based.

We may finally get the digital quality we've all been dreaming about, this while Sony and Phillips are still messing around, trying to patent another "silver" disc that will promise quality and not deliver.

Good news as far as I'm concerned. I hope it's a success.
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TVAD - you must convert it to 16/44.1 first and then you can write a playable disk. There are a number of tools you can buy, but this one is free:

Here is another:

The site also sells the playable disks.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
alternative, there is free software available to create and burn DVD-Audio disc of 24/96 material...
you can download "DVD-Audiofile" from this website:
DVD-Audiofile is just a windows frontend for this open source project: http://dvd-audio.sourceforge.net/

DVD-Audiofile creates a disc image (i.e. you get an .ISO file), which you can then burn onto standard DVD+/-R media with Nero, ImgBurn, or whatever other program.

I do this all the time with live recordings and 24 bit material.

I suspect most people here have DVD players that are capable of playing back DVD-Audio discs. however, if you don't, there is also free software available that will take 24 bit files and create a DVD-Video disc, with just a blank screen for the video.
This is cool. But can I play these files from iTunes on a Mac?
This indeed is good news. One of the things we're working on at the New Jersey Symphony has been to make our archives available on i-Tunes or a similar service, as a number of orchestras have been doing. Now that we have been recording our concerts in a 24/96 format, the possibility of being able to offer that for download is something more for us to look into.
RCprince - maybe Bob at highdeftapetransfers.com can sell your tracks for you. You should email him.

Sidssp - These tracks can be played from iTunes on a MAC. You may have to uncompress them first to .wav using the tool that is on the highdef website.
Thanks Steve. I do want us to look into that, thanks for the contact.
That sight does look promising.

A little of topic, but here goes: See, also, www.arkivmusic.com for classical music. Some of their music is 24/96. They have 2K out-of-print albums. When you order one of these, they burn a bit-perfect copy to CD-R from the master tapes and mail it to you.

Considering the uncertainty with the way digital rights management is going (with Vista in particular), this may be a safe bet in the near term. Burn the bit-perfect copy from CD-R to your hard drive, and still have the CD-R on hand in case you switch computers.
Nice post!

This may be the first time that high rez analog transfers are available for download, but Steve Kimock has been offering high rez digital recordings for a while now.


Anyone have any more?
Before you d/l these, know that each file is only about 3 minutes long.
I didn't account for compression. These are probably around 6 minutes if compressed 50%.
Another interesting websight is this Linn one:


The tracks are all in WMA format though, so they have to be converted to play on decent players like Foobar or jriver.
Those sound great!

I played them streight through foobar2000. Very Airy with a lot of depth and imaging. Thanks for the link. Hopefully this is the future of audio. Imagine not being limited by space concerns at all anymore and at even higher clarity. Just the time it takes to download an exact copy of a master recording.