high quality turntable with built in phono at $1000?

are there any good options out of the current generation of products?
I know these types of units have been kind of frowned on in the past

u-turn audio looks decent
clearaudio concept active looks sweet but out of my price range
any thoughts or suggestions?

High quality turntables don't usually have built in phono preamps. That's a feature found on cheaper units to make them "plug and play" for the general masses.
Tell us what your looking to use this table for and why having a built in phono pre is important.
New Technics SL1500C with MM preamp inside, and pre-installed MM phono cartridge is probably the best you can get today. 

or vintage Technics SL-10 and SL-15, but only with MC headamp, you steel need an MM phono stage. 

Check out the Rega Planar 3 (P3). It costs about $945, and a compatible Elys 2 MM cartridge is offered as an upgrade for a total cost of $1,145.

I’m sorry, because a built-in phono preamp is not included. I missed that part when I first read your post.
Any non-built-in-phono turntable you want with the tiny $129-$149 Schiit Mani phono amp.
+1 for noromance. Let the turntable do it’s job spinning vinyl and let a Mani or other standalone phono stage, or a built-in phono stage in an amp/preamp do its thing. 
The Technics SL-1500C is definitely a winner in and around that price point - most tables with built in Phono don't allow you to switch it off but the Technics does so if you end up with an amp or preamp with a better Phono stage you can disengage the one that's built in.