high quality transports

What high quality transports are recommended out there from the minds of the great listners out there? I am thinking of spending about $2000. I have a Reimyo DPP-777 DAC that is wonderful and Roland M201 amps and Synergi II1 preamp with B&W N802 speakers. I want to add a better quality transport to this system.
I've been wondering the same thing so I'll be watching this thread. I've just started my list with the Sony CSD777es without the Mod Wright addition of the tube output.
i'm partial to my 47 labs shigaraki 4716 transport. you can purchase them new for about $1800 from audioodyssey.com if i recall correctly. i am in no way affiliated with this seller.

kevin t
vecteur l 4.2
I have also Reimyo dap 777 converter, currently feeding it with Vecteur L4.2 transport,not bad but recently I tried ML39
being only transport with Reimyo,differencies are day and night,Vecteur was a good performer with my old Chord dac64
but Reimyo needs smoother and more texturel sound supplier transport for the best synergy I think,I have ordered Audionet
Art V2 transport my dealer which will arrive next week and will try it hoping to get good result (one reviewer was using these couple in the Reimyo CDP 777 cd player review section)
The second alternative would be the new Audio Note transport
launched nowadays which I am willing to hear about it.
I'd suggest picking up a used Sony SCD-1 for $2500. You can feed the S/PDIF output to your DAC for "RedBook" discs, and connect the analog outputs to your preamplifier for SACD discs.

It really is a great transport!
I have been using the Theta Carmen II, which makes a great transport
Gthrush 1, I like your idea of using a SACD as a transport and having the flexability to use it for both. I will look into this idea.
I second the Theta Carmen II suggestion. It's the best I've heard.
Check out the Audio Note CD2. It goes for $3300 new, but can be picked up used for under $2000. I liked it better than a Levinson 37, Theta Carmen, and Wadia. Great midrange and soundstage with a natural/organic feel to it. Slightly less bass than the others but not at all objectional--PRAT is well maintained. Highly recommended.
Yes great sound is a must. But what about the warranty? How much can you be expected to pay for a transport that offers only a 1 year warranty? Maybe the transport manufacturers need to establish a different warranty metric - say hours of play, I don't know. I am not gonna plunk down major dollahs for a crummy 1 year warranty on a transport, I don't care how good it sounds.