High quality step down transformer

Hello all,

I have a tube amp that runs on 220V. Do you know of a good step down transformer that would enable me to run it on 110V?

I use a Lite Fuse that I purchased New off ebay to power a Jadis dac that runs off 220. It works so well never bothered with getting the dac wired to 110. There is a formula to follow and what it is I forget , hopefully someone will chime in, something like it should be rated for 2 to 3 times the power draw of everything plugged into it.

Hi Blue-jay,

First, check to see if it’s configurable. A lot of transformer designs are dual voltage and can be swapped by a qualified technician.

Second, you need a "step up" transformer.  You need an input of 110V, but output 220V. That would be a step-up.


I have no experience with them, they just look good to me.
I'm going to try an  acupwr.com 500w step-UP transformer. Looks like a well built option.