High Quality Step Down Transformer?

I am leaving the country. I am looking for high quality Step Down Transformer from 220 volts to 110 volts. Please advise. Thanks
I cannot help you directly, but I can tell you that any solution other than a step-down transformer is better.
nearly two years ago i moved from nyc to hong kong. there was (and probably still is) a shop called overseas appliance (or overseas electronics). they sold me a pair of "big star" step down transformers. made in china. i'm happy with them--as happy as you can be using step-downs. they run my cj tube gear and they ran my cal. cd player before i retired it. good luck.
Try the PS Audio power plant. An expensive option, but it should improve sound quality as well as provide you with the correct voltage. They take input from 95 - ~270 Volts, and put out 120. Its $2k (new) for 600-700 watts output at 120V.