High Quality Integrated to power Mani-2

I am in the market for a high quality integrated (new) to power my brand new pair of Totem Acoustic Mani-2 Signatures. I want to keep the price under $3500, phono stage is not necessary but would be a bonus. Must provide over 350 watts per channel @ 4 ohms and still be able to handle the low ohm swings of the mani-2 (down to 1 ohm). The ones I have found so far that meet my criteria are

Plinius 9200
Musical Fidelity A5
Krell KAV-400xi
Does it have to be new, because I think the Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista wouuld be a nice addition to that list, and it goes for slightly over 3500 on agon. I think it would be a better option than the A5 (plus it has an adequate phono stage).
Not sure if 1 ohm is accurate for the mani-2's but I'd take the 400xi off there. It's a really nice amp but it's not equippped to drive high power (mani-2 = 85db) into low impedences. See the measurments from Stereophile.
I've extensively auditioned a number of integrated amps, including those that you've mentioned, as well as the BAT and McIntosh for my Totem Forests. Although somewhat different specs from the Mani-2's the Forests also like power, but the don't have the low impedence issues. I ended up with the DK Design MkII, and have not regretted the decision. It also has a phono stage. You can pick up a MkII for a good price used, or go to the MkIII, which, I hear, has some minor improvements over the MkII (a change in some of the caps). The change in ownership also seems to be a positive for DK, but I had excellent dealings with Daniel in the past wrt minor warrenty issues. Worthwhile to audition in any case.

Look at GamuT.
My model 1's loved it.
Arcam Electronics are known to match well with the Totem speakers. You might want to try Edge Electronics G series.
sim is supposedly coming out with i7 andreomeda that sounds pretty interesting.
The Sim I-7 is scheduled to ship this month but, my local dealers doesn't think they are going to make the date. The Andromeda is there new reference CDP, @ 10,000. It sounds better than any CDP I have ever heard. The specs for the I-7 can be found here: http://www.simaudio.com/pr_i-7.htm. It is 150 wpc into 8 ohms but, doesn't show the specs in lower ohms. If it is like the I-5, 70 wpc and high current, it should sound much stronger than the 150 wpc.

I have only heard Totems with Pathos electronics and thought the combo was very good.

PS Audio has some integrateds that migh fit your need. GCC250 I think is the model.

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Forgot to add the Jeff Rowland Concerto, which I'm eager to audition as well, but on paper should drive the Mani's but it's over your price limit (5900). Don't know if the new Sim has enough juice, but it is sweet looking! My dealer in NY (In Living Stereo) said they got a revised shipping date of Sep. 01 (previously had been August).
There are two mf nu vistas on the gon right now both well within your price range.they have a good mc/mm phono stage and 275 quite beefy watts ok for mani,s.
I noticed that someone mentioned trying the GamuT amps.

If the the Mani-2's do in fact drop to 1 ohm at some point, then I would forget the GamuT lineup. One of the GamuT's most noted "safety features" is that they shut down when impedance drops to 1.5 ohms