High quality in-wall UL-C2 rated 10-gauge A/C wiring ?

I am looking to re-wire my listening area front-wall with a dedicated A/C circuit using 10-gauge UL-C2 rated in-wall wiring.  I know Audience makes a high-quality one however I didn't want to pay $26/foot.  I would need ~60-ft.  I've already purchased two high-quality A/C receptacles and wanted to do 10-gauge to them from a dedicated breaker.  
Anyone have any experience with this or know of other mfg's of 10-gauge A/C UL-C2 wiring ?

Thanks !
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1. Take two 50 foot lengths of 14awg romex.
2. Take the two black hot leads of both cables and connect them to the same 15A/20A circuit breaker.
You'd need to check NEC on this as well as your local code. Also, note that only breakers designed for such a two-wire connection would be permitted.