High Quality Fuses in Amps

Question: Are the so called 'high quality' amplifier fuses really worth the money? I have a set of 1999 VTL 125 mono-blocks and I need to replace a fuse. Anyone tried the HIFI Tuning slow blow B+ rail fuses? They are kinda pricey at $29.95 each... Will they make a positive improvement in a good rig?
This topic is has been thoroughly covered in the threads. Try a thread search for "fuse".
The threads are full of opinions. Many from those who have not tried the fuses, and won't. I have, and in my Cary monoblocks they were worth every penny.
Oh no not again!
for the price why not try and then add your input to the thread available
I've tried both the Isoclean slow-blow fuse ($35.00) and Cryoparts deep-cryoed ceramic slow-blow fuse ($7.75) in my amp and prefer the Cryoparts fuse.
It's deja vu, all over again.
I reFuse to comment.
Deep cryoed ceramic- OF COURSE! What a great idea. You can buy these at RS and freeze them for a week or so, slowly thaw and you should have a much better sounding fuse than not doing so, or spend a few bucks for real deep cryo.

I have done this with CDRs to excellent effect.
I use HiFi Tuning fuses in all my components. They always bring an improvement for my ears. Sometimes the improvement is huge/obvious, sometimes more subtle but always worth the money. Even for my old Marantz cd11LE with 5 fuses in it was well worth it. Most componets use more then 1 fuse !! Look inside.
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As the US distributor of BOW, we are now upgrading the fuse in the reference ZZ-8 CD player to HiFi Tuning. It takes a great player to even higher performance levels of the very best.

We HIGHLY recommend the HiFi Tuning fuses and Robert at Ultra Systems is great to work with, too!

Jim Ricketts/tmh audio
I see S has been running around with the TOP cats agin...lookout!Sorry for the jack,buy and try 451,you can't go wrong.Definately maybe,good luck,were all in this together,Bob
Here's my 2 cents - Everything makes a difference - speaker cables, interconnects, power cords etc - sometimes subtle - sometimes drastic - changes are not necessarily better or worse - just different - I find that there are often trade offs - somethings improve at the expense of others like adding some warmth and sacrificing some dynamics - SO JUST Enjoy the hobby - P.S. I just bought some cable isolators and the are on their way - can't say for sure that they will improve the sound but hey I like the way they look - I'm sure I'll get around to the fuses some day
I'm very pleased with the HiFi Tuning fuse they are a vast improvement. Happy Thanksgiving...
I can't understand how anyone could not be, at least curious about the fuses - I ordered a pair for my krell 400xi - Even got them for $5.00 LESS per fuse - I can't wait to try them - The people at krell think I'm wasting my money - I'll let yawl know the results ...CHEERS !
OK - I swapped out the Cheap Fuses with the Hi Fi tuning Fuses - not knowing what music to choose for the comparison - I decided upon a well recorded rock song with a "Hot" mixed high end - "Driven to Tears" by The Police. I felt this was a good choice because I would be easily ably to discern any refinement or added energy and if the fuses added any compression, the highs would become blaring and grainy. Well, I am happy to report that the fuses brought a bit of refinement to my rig which was easily heard in the top end. The refinement came without sacrafising any detail or speed. Did they make a mountain out of a mole hill ? NO - but for me the added refinement was a welcome addition.
I work in a lab where we have a liq N2 cryo tank. I'll slowly lower the temp of some fuses to -160C and slowly bring them back to RT, and report.

I don't think one week at home freezer will do anything. The theory is that liq N2 low temps will modify the molecular structure and grain of the metal, thus altering conduction through it.

My protocol is 1 day at 4degC, 1 day at -20degC, 3 days at -80degC, 1 week in liq N2, 3 days at -80degC, 1 day at -20degC,1 day at 4degC, then RT and listen.

I will then post listening results and impressions before and after treatment.

How did your test go, with the cryoed fuses?
We Aussies use nails...... No probs.   :)
Your betting a dead horse.$29.00 for aftermarket fuse is very cheap my fuses SR Blue cost $150.00 and are a real bargain so be a sport spend some cash.Enjoy!!!

Fuse threads pop up like weeds, kill/discredit one and another sprouts up.
 I can see why, as the profit margin huge, on some are over 500%, this is enough to bring in the unscrupulous fuse "snake oilers" into our equipment/music passion pastime and ripoff the gullible who don't know better.

And as others have said, ask your question on one of the other fusers threads. So this doesn't turn into a weed.

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Be your own judge, install HiFi Tuning Supreme (BTW they are quite amazing), listen and post your results.
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The best fuse is no fuse.
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First and foremost replace the bad fuse with a cheap on just to make sure something is not failing and causing the fuse to blow. 

That said I paid 130 for a SR Black and was impressed with the SQ improvement for the money. BTW the SR's have a 30 day money back guarantee. Honestly it took about 75 hrs to really hear the difference. I put the original fuse back in and took it back out after about an hour. 
We Aussies use nails...... No probs. :)

Based on the what other dude from down under sez I find that easy to believe.
But what type of nail?
I find Stainless Steel gives much better results than galvanized......
Told you stickman, end it before it becomes a full blow weed.
The weed propagators have arrived just the mention of the word fuse, and they’re on it like s**t to a blanket to peddle their >$100+ fuses.

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Follow George, always wise advice.

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I posted these in a different thread also.... ridiculously in expensive,  sound pretty good.  Worth a try if you haven't done anything. 


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