High quality DPL preamp?

Can anyone recommend a high quality DPL analog-only preamp, preferably with a 5.1 input? DB25 style is OK...I'm considering older Rotel or B & K offerings. Concerns are 1) sound quality in stereo mode, 2) reliability/freedom from glitches. Maybe there are other brands worth looking at that might offer better sound quality and could possibly be had on the cheap now that the HT world has moved on to DD, DTS, THX-EX 10.2 or gawd only knows what...all suggestions welcome.
The BEST 2 channel preamp that also decodes surround sound with expansion capabilities IMHO is a dead heat! The Chiro C-800 is a fabulous 2 channel preamp, reviewers feel the same. You can find the C-800 (THX certified) with the DD/DTS decoder, the 5.1, sold preowned as a pair from $695-$799! This company is OOB now, but their products, if working when you buy it, should not have any issues. Can be had for roughly $250 preowned. The other unit is the
Angstrom 200, probably THE best 2 channel sound from a surround processor, maybe of all time, shy of the new Meridian. The Angstom is a great piece, although tough to find used. Should be in the $300-400 preowned range.

You might find others like the Citation 7.0 for about $600 some of the ones you mentioned as well. My heart is with the Chiro gear, it am amazed at the 2 channel you get from a surround processor, which you can pick up for less than $300! I had three, sold two for $265 and $310. Heck, the amps have had great reviews, and really do hold their value as well! If you have a chance to see/listen/buy a C-500 THX ceritified amp, you will be surprised at the delicate sounds for 2 channel it provides.

Good luck, and these are some great pieces mentioned!

Hey Dan,

Thanks a lot, I suspect these are both great suggestions. I was looking at an Angstrom a while back but passed it over for a Sherwood Newcastle with DD/DTS. It was actually quite decent sounding but probably not in the same league as the Chiro or Angstrom in stereo. Surround is fun but two channel is my priority and I think I could live with the decoders in my DVD player, so I'm considering going this route. Now I just have to scrounge up the cash for that Audio Refinement multi 5 to go with it :)

Thanks again,

Well, Dan stole all my thunder! The Angstrom and Citation are what came to mind first, but the Chiro is also a great pick.