High Quality dac with network streamer saves $1,000s

Having compared and done a lot of research . I have compared verygood dacs adding on 
$3-4k  network streamers-servers , vs the Bricasti M3 dac- network streamer.
Bricasti has a ton of trickle down technologies in this setup ,and very-well known in the professional 
mastering realm ,before consumer . Your computer takes its data and send its to the dedicated Lynex 
based operating system ,which filters and then 8 x upsampled the dual mono Analog Devises 1599 multi bit dacs  ,linear power supply  and filtering , Totally eliminating the needto spend $2-3k+ on a dedicated server ,I listened and compared plus extra cables, and powercords , the only thing I bought was a  decent Wireworld starlight Ethernet from the modem, and most important cable by far from network hub to the dac,streamer .BTW the uptone audio Ether regen truly cleans the noise riding on the line , andEthernet is noticeably cleaner then a USB cable . The Wireworld platinum 8 I tried going into the streamer ,Avery noticeable improvement ,thsts my next upgrade , a good power cord is always a plus . I was going to buy my brothers latest Denafrips terminator  using with a Melco n100 streamer sever but, the Bricasti setup was noticeably better and getting for around $5k a steal , and also having the dedicated1bit DSD thst doesnot have to convert to pcm , and verygood analog preamp section 
if youwant Toruń direct,and headphone option ,100% Differentially balanced a Steal in sonics as well as function and if compared a bunch of dacs with theMelco as well as Innous at our audio get togethers,all equipment had identical system and Ad one to make this call with others verifying it just when I was going to spend another $3k on a server,streamer I am now saving for reference speaker upgrade ,having excellent quality and design all in one product has several electrical advantages in less wiring ,cables and signal path, I just thought well worth mentioning it saved me $3k.


Glad to hear you’re enjoying M3, great choice. The convenience of one box is often overlooked by some purist who wants the absolute high performance of separates. The network streamer with built in DAC/Pre are not new, they have been around for a while and steadily improving. Bricasti is certainly one of those brand that has been pushing the performance of their one box to the level of separate DAC’s and Streamer or Servers.

I firmly believe, the network based streamer with built-in DAC is the way to go now. Anyone exploring digital streaming must explore brands that are offering this option. Not only it saves the cost of additional power and digital cord, one box offers seamless integration and superb performance.

In addition, one must also address and take good measures to reduce the noise on the Ethernet line. This is no longer a afterthought process if you are serious about getting excellent SQ output from digital streaming.

Congrats on finding a pleasing streaming solution.

I run a 1 box streaming Power DAC, TDAI 3400 and also use the Etherregen for streaming qobuz , but I can also get exceptional SQ from youtube with apple TV via a CISCO 2960 switch.

I get a lot of mileage with power conditioning and power cables, digital cables and fuses in my system too.
I have the Bel Canto E1x with integrated streamer and love the sound. I also use the Ether regen. Much better then USB. 
More congrats on your one box DAC/streamer!

As my components aged or failed over the years, I decided to try streaming.  I initially bought the Lindemann Limetree bridge for my old Theta DAC and then later decided that I liked streaming, but I wanted to reduce the number of components.  After researching, I purchased the Cary DMS-700 and sold the Theta and Limetree.  When I contacted Cary concerning their 30 day trial period, Daryl at Cary emphatically (and a little smugly, I might add) assured me that I was not going to return it, but I did have 30 days.  Well, it was just what I was looking for and lives up to the few reviews I found.  Many DAC/streamers don't provide digital inputs, whereas the Cary and Briscati allow one to keep their CD transport.  I have not heard the Briscati but all indications are that it's excellent.  I chose the Cary DMS-700 because it uses AKM's newer AQ499EQ chip.  I've also had very good experience with Cary products in the past.
Lalitk you are spot on, your  own computer in this application is not a liability 
for itis just delivering the stream  signal ,or music files in tact ,no noise to deal with or conversion everything is filtered,converted and processed by complex 
very low noise  regulated voltage stages , linear power supply for streaming and AD conversion ,as a extra pre filtering ,I feel the Uptone Audio Ether regen is a bonus and for $640 a bargain , Thst being said ,it saves me at least $2-3k 
from having to buy a separate server,streamer.
discopants - How do you get good SQ from youtube?  I can't ... Any help you can offer would be very welcome.
Got to get me some of that there Lynex.
Just turning in a multi purpose computer creates plenty of "noise."
I agree on the utility of a combined streamer and DAC, I have one (a Cambridge Audio Azur 851N) and am happy with it, but I wish one could insert room correction between the streamer and DAC, similar to an amplifier Pre Out. Does anyone know of any products that allow that?
PJB, if you use Roon, then you can upload a room correction filter created from REW (software which runs on a computer with a USB microphone)
@audioman58 my dealer has been telling this for years! One less connection and one less ac cord. Might be just one of the reasons it can sound so great.
Lalitk, what unit are you now using? Thanks.

It would seem putting all of the noise creating elements of streaming into a unit with a dac is not ideal. Also, my experience with attenuators in dacs has been it sounds OK, not great, compared to a great separate preamp. What do you do to play ripped CD files? 
Regarding attenuators this is not a standard crap digital attenuators, this from taken from their flagship M-21. Whst most people don’t know is that Bricasti has been a standard in professional recording studios for well over a decade for its Sonic accuracy to the musical performance ,and using the classic Multibit AD 1955 dual dacs is a great implementation .
The preamplifier section is in full Analog -Not digital ,and better then most $5k preamps ,just ask Teajay
and I also compared , it is very good .
and the Linex streaming board and Linear power supply is totally 
isolated and filtered ,they spent 2 years in designing ,and there are a bunch of pre,and post voltage regulators .it is clean , eliminating 
the extra wiring, digital cable,power cord ,with great isolation and 
just a connected separate board, it’s very close to ideal ,they have a well known $4k+ streamer they use to verify .
I compared with my brothers Melco N100 ,the Bricasti had a blacker background,and noticeably better defined , and I pre clean all digital noise  on the line with the very well known Uptone Audio -Ether Regen  hub which BTW does its job.
if you truly want to go all out the latest Wireworld platinum Ethernet -8 is exceptional ,I tried several cables this took my dac to the next level . 
The dac i am using is a Lampizator with built in preamp and a opticalrendu for a streamer this combo is amazing sound 
I was a guy who used to have lots of separates but in the last five years have tried to go as few boxes as possible. The solution that works for me is a one box streamer-dac (LUMIN T2) and a small green computer server, since I am a Roon user. I use an integrated tube amplifier. I only stream my music now from Qobuz and an attached SSD

I am now using a full digital suite of Merging Technologies. My digital front end comprises a +player, +power and +clock modules. For starters, the +player is a DAC and Roon core integrated into one box. In direct comparison with Aurender ACS100, I found zero compromises in sound quality from Qobuz. Since +player is a network attached DAC/Streamer, it communicates with ACS100 or any NAS via ethernet. I am using ACS100 for playback and file management of my precious CD rips and DSD downloads. 

As a one box solution; the +player is very nicely loaded with DAC/Streamer/Preamp/Headphone amp functionality. Once you add the optional external clock and power modules, you're in a different  stratosphere of digital realm. The rest of the setup is outlined in my virtual system here, https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/9445     

I bought an M3 with the idea of the built in renderer saving money as well but have yet to purchase a server. Hooking up my iMac with Audirvana by way of generic ethernet cable and wifi with two different routers has led my to conclude sound quality is sensitive to the ethernet "feed". The newer router does sound better and wifi is not good. The best, current ethernet sound is actually unacceptable but the DAC does sound good with my old CDP connected with Mogami aes cable. My inkling is to get a server with two ethernet ports, which means antipodes S40 for me personally. The only other option is getting a SGC or Nimitra and a switch but that strikes me as rabbit hole without a lot of cost savings.
The Cary DMS-700 just got a nice review from HiFi+.

I noticed repeatedly that he says something to the effect of the Cary house sound.  What is the Cary house sound? I might have missed it in the write up. 
Oglala ,If you buy the Ethernet module as I did it is sizable upgrade in sound 
quality as well as electrical isolation ,and none of the noise that is likely when just running direct from any brand of computer where you are unpacking the music in the computer,with all its drawbacks, to dac. buy the M3 streamer module ,then everythung is isolated from the computer.
give Bricasti a call if you want to know more  in detail ,I wrote plenty on the subject ,done right it is bargain and saved me $3-4k several  great benefits. By doing so and I compared with and without ,as well as a separate Melco server ,

Sorry for any confusion. My M3 has the Ethernet connection. Aes with my cdp sounds better than it as described with what I have on hand. Maybe I will try a switch as an experiment. Thank you. 
Yes, this is what I wanted out of my Mytek Brooklyn Bridge DAC. I enjoyed the sound running Tidal through my particular system. Unfortunately, in less than 1yr of ownership, it’s been back to Mytek 2x for issues with not powering up :/
 a standard in professional recording studios for well over a decade 

I think this is the key take away here. Unless you want to spend megabucks get a pro-audio based device like this and don't look back. Lynx, Antelope, Apogee, and other pro audio companies have excellent products at reasonable prices, not audiophool prices. Even the Britcasti is on the upper end of what the pro audio companies offer as it is intended for for the audiophile market.


Dear OP,

I think you are really on to something.  One better would be fiber between your switch and streamer.  
But I wish you would take the time to do more careful writing or maybe even to learn how to write.   
I do appreciate the information.  
OP—> I too found value to the information you provided, and I thank you for that. I may consider going down this path myself for a smaller den/library system. I have to agree with the previous post, however, that your writing would be much better if you learned to use MANY more periods and far fewer commas.  It is a different approach, if that is what you’re after, but difficult for the reader. 
     This is a serious question about streamers:  What can you listen to that does not use a general purpose algorhythm that sends you a decreasingly good selection of the most popular, general listening top tunes from each genre?  I have had no luck, so I listen to Channels 67 and 76 (Jazz/Classical) from XM, despite the loss in sound quality, of which my ears quick adapt, BECAUSE the music is chosen by real musicians who understand it.     Of course, afterwards. I must usually give myself a fix of great sound. 
     I have tried rock, etc on XM, and i believe the bandwidth is much smaller for this than for jazz, and probably for classical.  In fact, it is usually unlistenable.
By using a switch that cleans and isolates your Ethernet line is a repeatable 
experiment , there are very pricy ones out there  up to $3k ,for under $650:, the uptone audio Ether regen has many positive reviews and I feel money well spent.
by far the most critical Ethernet  cable is right before your streamer ,
from modem to router also but to a lesser extent. Quality  Ethernet cable too is a worth wild 
purchase .I started with Belden  best   Cat 6, from there I bought a Wireworld starlight cat8 cable even without breakin it had noticeably more detail abit bright 
for the first few days ,I just let it play for  a week. My friend brought over his reference Wireworld  Platinum cat 8 cable . We had others change the 3 cables 
at least 6 times and all 4 picked of us picked the platinum by a wide  margin ,the start light is still very respectable , the Beldon sounded much flatter in presentation.
Why not join QObuz ,and get Roon to organize the Millions od songs ?
which there are high quality radio stations ,
Audirvana is great sonics and many radio stations ,if using USB and windows 
it has Kernal streaming which is its best sounding, 
for ethernet able  it doesnot apply .
By using a switch that cleans and isolates your Ethernet line is a repeatable
experiment , there are very pricy ones out there  up to $3k ,for under $650

You can also buy a sub $100 switch with a fiber port and run fiber up to your streamer before converting back to Ethernet for a very short run.   I found doing the above while using an EtherRegen to do the conversion sounded better than using Ethernet on both sides of the EtherRegen.  I then found a $100 fiber to Ethernet converter that sounded as good to me as my EtherRegen and therefore sold it along with its LPS.  My fiber converter feeds a Bricasti M5.    Obviously this is YMMV depending on your streamer, ears, and the rest of your system…

@ddafoe can you send links of exactly what fiber port switches you used and Ethernet converters?
Much appreciated.
links of exactly what fiber port switches you used and Ethernet converters?

you can use a Cisco 2960. It has a fiber port and highly regarded by many as a great switch for audio purposes. It can be easily modified to run from a DC supply rather than the internal switching supply.



The Cary DMS-700 just got a nice review from HiFi+.
What is the Cary house sound?
When describing the Cary house sound, think analog with slam.

Just noticed this on twitter from @caryaudio:

Eric Neff from @hifiplusmag wrote an amazing review on our DMS-700 Network Audio Player that was published in their August 2021 issue. He loved it so much, he bought the review unit for his own personal reference system!
Well, okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit. :>)  The bass is certainly there as well as the smoothness of analog with plenty of detail.  I like the Cary sound.
As  very long time Linux user I'm not sure software upsampling is really what you want. ;)

I purchased a very basic switch:
Amazon.com: TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit PoE Switch | 8 PoE+ Ports @63W, w/ 1 Uplink Gigabit Port + 1 SFP Slot | Desktop/Wall-Mount | Plug & Play | Limited Lifetime Protection | Traffic Optimization (TL-SG1210P) : Electronics

Two of these SFPs (one for the switch and one for the EtherREGEN)
Amazon.com: TP-LINK Gigabit SFP module, 1000Base-SX Multi-mode Fiber Mini GBIC Module, Plug and Play, LC/UPC interface, Up to 550/220m distance (TL-SM311LM) : Electronics

Amazon.com: FLYPROFiber 5M OM1 LC to LC Fiber Patch Cable, 1GB Duplex LC-LC 50/125um Multimode Fiber Optic Cable Cord LSZH 5Meter(16ft) : Electronics

I replaced my EtherREGEN with:

You can find it cheaper on ebay or Amazon.   There are cheaper ones around but based on what I paid for the EtherREGEN, I decided to pick something else other than the cheapest.  

To have made an apples to apples comparison with the EtherREGEN + LPS-1.2 I wish I could have used the LPS on the StarTech converter but it didn't have enough current so I used an iFi iPower supply I already had.   Maybe someday I'll try a Teddy Pardo or something similar on it.

I purchased the following CAT8 cable for my short run into my M5 (or DAC).   It is very well made with great components, and doesn't cost crazy $$.