High Quality DAC versus High Quality CD/SACD


I have a high quality playback design cd/sacd/dac. I use it exclusively for cd/sacd. For my bedroom system I thought of using a pc to dac sourced digital system as opposed to a cd/sacd player. I know the convenience and variety value of a pc to dac system.

Assuming, the source material is 44.1/16, is the sound from a pc to dac equivalent to the sound of a high quality stand alone cd player? I assume for high resolution non-sacd material a pc-dac system beats the stand alone cd/sacd player where the choice is only sacd or 44.1/16.
I use a dac from an imac and find it equals a good cd player - especially if you opt for some of the playback software such as PureMusic. Plus if you've already got the PC it saves a lot of cash. And you are not limited to 44.1/16.
A good PC based system will easily perform as well, if not better than a standalone player and is most definitely not limited to 44/16 resolution. The DAC you choose, along with the interface between the computer and the DAC will determine the limits - 96/24 is pretty common these days but there are many that go even higher if you have the source material to throw at it. The only downside is that only your SACD player will be able to play your SACD's at the higher resolution you've probably come to enjoy. AFAIK you cannot rip those SACD's at their native resolution (unless there is a product I don't know about).
There are many SACD/CD Players with digital inputs: starting from Oppo 83 and finishing with APL HiFi NWO player.

This is what I have (NWO-S1) and I can use the DAC of this player along with any pc for hi-rez downloads and CD/SACD Transport for SACD and CD's Also all CD's can be ripped if pc/music server is good