High quality custom length Toslinks???

Does anyone know of a company that makes custom length glass Toslinks or even really good plastic Toslinks? While i have sources for reasonably priced "standard length" glass cables, i can't seem to find the source that makes these cables for all of the "repackagers" and / or someone that can cut to fit. As far as plastic Toslink's go, i thought highly of the DH Lab's unit that i had previously tried, but they only offer very specific lenghts.

I'm revamping my Dad's system and am trying to keep cable clutter to a minimum while retaining good sound. Since i'm footing the bill for this, i don't want to go bankrupt doing it : )

For those that are curious, these Toslinks will be used to feed signal from his digital sources ( DVD & Laser disc players ) into the surround processor. Any ideas? Any and all help appreciated. Sean
Check "search" here on audiiogon and look for "glass" I bought a 5ft glass for $36 and it is working out great. Because it is a private enterprise, he might be able to vary the length.
I don't know how your can get custom length toslink unless you plan on buying large quanity?

As far as standard length 1m, 2m, 3m glass toslink with 280 glass fiber strands and superior spring loaded coupler at amazing low price go to "sonicwave" link below.......1 m for $25!

I have tested this glass toslink with other brand name toslinks and it comes out on top.

Opps.........just noticed 1m & 2m cable is a little too popular now, seems to be currently backordered till 3/27/04, guess the word has got out on these.
Sean, if you contact Lou @ LAT International, he can probably make up custom lengths for you.
Sean BTW, I'm not sure how close you are to bankruptcy, but the pricing on LAT's Toslinks are fairly reasonable. Considering I had spent $120.00 on a 1 meter California Audio Labs Toslink cable. And that was almost 20 years ago.

Best of Luck, Ed.
Some time back, Todd Krieger posted on AA a review of toslink cables that he really liked. The source was:


I don't see any language on the site about custom lengths, but they certainly do have a large selection.
The review on AA, you can find here:


Dirt cheap, custom lengths, high quality metal Toslink connectors.

I run a 7m (21 foot) cable with no problems.
Sean, also check out www.A2ZCABLES.com

Lots of interesting stuff there. I have bought from this outfit and I am happy with the product. The only 'downer' is that all technical questions must be by Email. The folks answering the phones can only take orders.
Thanks to everyone for all of the feedback. Lot of good info in this thread, especially from blownfiveo regarding Sys. Concepts. Lots of parts and custom assemblies available from this company, all at very reasonable prices. Unfortunately, they don't offer glass toslink's, which is what i would prefer to purchase at this point in time.

I am currently talking to someone that markets glass toslinks and trying to convince them that "cut to fit" cables would be a worthwhile market for them. After all, nobody else is offering something like this, giving them the front door on what could be a great opportunity. Given the amount of cabling involved in a "full tilt" AV system, getting rid of excess cabling makes things SO much neater and easier. As such, i'm trying to get the best conductors that i can while at the same time, minimizing clutter. Know what i mean? Sean