High Quality Audio Hub

I thought this might interest a group of high quality audio enthusiasts.

(from www.UberNet.org)

We are currently sharing 7000 GB of high quality MP3s. (70,000+ albums)

What defines high quality?

- Ripped with EAC Secure Mode (perfect rips)
- Encoded with LAME Alt Preset Standard (high quality VBR)
- Full, COMPLETE albums *only*

Can anyone join?

Of course! There are already hundreds of us sharing, and we are always looking for more to join.

We use the free BCDC++ sharing client to trade music.

Website: http://www.UberNet.org
thanks, but no thanks - i personally find MP3s very difficult to enjoy even in the car
Talk about quantity over quality
Have you read the quote at the bottom of the √úberStandard 3.0 page? Quite amusingly, it reads "Do not taunt audiophiles; they may bite."

However, if you are an MP3 pirate, this is a good site for you!