High Quality Audio Hub

I thought this might interest a group of high quality audio enthusiasts.

(from www.UberNet.org)

We are currently sharing 7000 GB of high quality MP3s. (70,000+ albums)

What defines high quality?

- Ripped with EAC Secure Mode (perfect rips)
- Encoded with LAME Alt Preset Standard (high quality VBR)
- Full, COMPLETE albums *only*

Can anyone join?

Of course! There are already hundreds of us sharing, and we are always looking for more to join.

We use the free BCDC++ sharing client to trade music.

Website: http://www.UberNet.org
thanks, but no thanks - i personally find MP3s very difficult to enjoy even in the car
Talk about quantity over quality
Have you read the quote at the bottom of the ƜberStandard 3.0 page? Quite amusingly, it reads "Do not taunt audiophiles; they may bite."

However, if you are an MP3 pirate, this is a good site for you!