High-quality AM antenna?

Hi all,

I'm installing an MD ST-2 FM antenna in my attic and thought as long as I'm up there, I'd like to install an AM antenna of similar quality. Does such a beast exist?
AM antennas require EXTREME length to be "tuned" or "resonant". As such, run cable up to the attic and simply connect it to some unshielded wire. If you want to extend the length of it, simple weave it back and forth vertically between the ceiling and roof rafters. Obviously, you'll have to use something to hold it in place. Also try to spread it out as much as possible. Good luck and hope this helps. Sean
I agree with Sean. The other problem you may have depends on your tuner. Most AM sections made today are a piece of crap that no antenna will fix.

What's this world coming to? Tuners are still available with Ancient Modulation?
You do need a good AM tuner and they are hard to find. Check www.ccrane.com for lots of info and some good AM antennas.
Some of the best AM tuners are AM only, like the ones made for short-wave. They also pick up standard AM very well. I listen to the BBC World Service every evening. Best way to get the US related news without any media bias.