High powered integrated amps under 1K - Help

I'm looking to upgrade my current integrated amp (Audio Analogue Puccini). I currently have a pair of Magnepan MMGs and am looking to move up in power to help get the most out of the Magnepans. I listen mainly to jazz/vocals and some classical in a rather small 14 X 16 room. Any suggestions only caveat is that it must be less than a grand - tubes welcome. Thanks!
A used Creek 5350SE would be around 1K. 85 or 90 watts per side. A Sterophile Mag recommendation. Killer sound.

why not try the audio analogue puccini se? if i remember correctly, i think it doubles the power output of the standard puccini. both units are great sounding integrateds... i had a standard puccini for quite some time, and i really loved the sound.

you might want to check out the anthem integrated 2 (there have been several up for sale at very good prices lately, 90 wpc, hybrid integrated) or the classe cap 150 (100 wpc, solid state).

there is also, of course, the plinius 8100, which is right around $1000. the plinius is a fantastic sounding integrated (also 100 wpc), and would work well in your setup. tube-like sound with all the benefits of solid state. if you can find one for $1000 used, this would be my top recommendation.

best of luck, and happy listening!
Audio Advisor has a demo Perreaux E160i Integrated Amp with Remote for $999. MSRP is $1899. It is 160 watts per channel at 8 ohms.


That Perreaux sounds like it has the power you need. FYI the Musical Fidelity A3 can be found used for around 800 and outputs about 85-100W. It handled my 88db sensitivity speakers VERY well to max levels in a 30 x 20 room.