High power vs bi amp low power?

I am getting a divorce and need to redo my stereo. My X owns the amplifier that powered the stereo.... speakers & pre/pro receivers are mine. Thus I am in the market for new/used amps to power my old speakers.

Presently, the speakers (Infinity Kappa 8.1) are bi amped with a Parasound HCA1500 going to each speaker. I started a thread a while ago discussing class D amps and I am leaning towards getting amplifiers from D-Sonic.

My question is - am I better of going with a 1500wx2 or 800wx2 amp to power both main speakers? Or would I be better off going with say a 4 channel 400w (or 800w) x 4 amp or two 400w (or 800w) x2 amp so each speaker is bi amped?

Not that I crank the music/movies but I do like having more power then needed.

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Single amp with high power is always better. I really value the tonal balance on all volumes which is not achievable with double amps even same models. Since you've mentioned shopping for class D amp that can potentially produce enormous power per single amp, biamping is waste of time and resources.
I agree with Czarivey bi amps are a waste of money. D class amps are just okay in my opinion. I've spent a good deal of time with them, including the Audio Research D class amplifier, which retails for $6,000. I prefer a class A solid state amplifier. There is something about the speed and dynamics and punch class A can deliver that D amps can't. D's are good and power efficient but a little too polite for someone who loves to rock it out. What is your budget?
I am an advocate of bi-amping if the power requirements are high. This way each amp isn't working so hard and isn't required to amplify the entire frequency range with power.

Especially with the Infinity speakers, which are difficult to drive.

I'm not sure if the Infinity speakers have a defeat-able passive crossover that can be removed and replaced with a very good active crossover. If you can't remove the passive crossover, then the benefits of bi-amping are slightly lessened. However, for those speakers, I would definitely bi-amp them.

I'm hearing and reading that Class D amps have made great strides in recent years. I know Jeff Rowland has class D amps, so he wouldn't market them unless he has solved many of the previous class D issues.

I know, the costs is less because the power supply requirements are minimized. (at least, I hope the cost is less).

I would try several amps in my home system before making a decision.

Also, and I know this for fact. Replacing the passive crossover with an active one is always better in my opinion.

biamping is waste of time and resources.

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I agree with Czarivey bi amps are a waste of money.
i find this very hard to believe......
So it looks like a coin toss on which way is better

Budget wise I am not sure.... I want to do a 5.somethng surround minus the sub due to $$$$, they will be added at a later date. I have a old Adcom GFA5500 that's been demoted to my garage that I can use to power the rears or not use it in that system and put it in my bedroom.

I would say probably $4,000 is the max I can do, with cheaper being better. That's for a amp to run everything. I would be willing to put $2-3K or so on a amp to run the main speakers but I would still need something to run the center channel .

I thought of doing something like D-sonic's 5 channel amp, 5x800 or 5x1500 or depending on cost 7x800 or 7x1500.... I have also been reading up on the Wyred for sound stuff.... any other suggestions??

Local store pushes Bryston but for what I need it's way out of my budget.
Used Bel-Canto Ref1000 monos will be in your budget and they sound very smooth and precise on all volumes with plenty of power.
I called and talked with D-sonic yesterday.... I think I will give them a try, just trying to figure out how much power I need or don't need. He suggested 600w or more.... leaning towards either 800w or 1500w..... not that I would need/use it, but figure headroom is a good thing!! My rear surround speakers are presently the same as my main fronts... the old Kappa 8.1's

The bel-canto amps do look nice.... but I worry they aren't powerful enough plus even used I think 3 of their amps would be out of my budget....
I have not heard but on a budget for a good Quality higher pwoer Class D amp I would be inclined to try D-sonic or Class D audio or Wyred.

Currently I been running Bel Canto ref1000m amps for several years and still could not be happier. They bring out the best performance with any power and current hungry speakers I use them with.

Only other qualification I would have is if using a tube pre-amp, make sure teh amps have 40K or higher input impedance to help assure best performance but does not sound like that is the case here.