High power tube integrated?

I'm going to purchase a tube integrated, but I only have access to VTL in my area. I'm interested if any one has any thoughts other brands.
Rogue audio
VTL is a very good bet, unless there are features on the other brands you like that VTL does not have.
The Rogue Audio Tempest Magnum version easily beats all the competition. Incredible parts quality and a great design. Very neautral with great extension and the frquency extrems with excellent control. Very refinend with excellnt inner detail and dynamics.
I love this thing!
I have compared it with Cary, AR, CJ and VTL. None of these amps could touch it.
You should take a good look at VAC. Good reliable products and reviews.
Conrad Johnson makes one model CAV-50 ($2495 list, $1600 used). On the cheap end is one by AMC ($1000 list, $500 used mint).
What speakers are you looking to drive?
Brm 1,

CJ makes decent stuff, however they tend to overdrive the tubes and need replacement too often. Also, they sound dark to me. I own VTL monoblocks and like the acoustic signature that their line offers. The VTL line is very consistent with their sound.
I forgot to include my other equipt. My speakers silverline sonatinas II and I have an arcam cd 23, cabling is all transparent. My music tastes are many, but probably lean more towards adult alternative.
Brml, ON TOPIC though just my 2cts worth... I agree w/ Celtic66 on consistency across VTL line. I liked the IT-85 but felt it could use more power (disclaimer: I now have VTL 450s and like them). With your reasonably sensitive speakers, the IT-85 might work well and if looking for more power down the road, you could always add an ST-85 and bi-amp. Otherwise, I found 'Cary sound' to be warm-ish and not tight enough in the bass. I did not find the Jadis Orchestra matched its bigger (and bigger-buck) brothers (across the board of possible comparisons) so reluctant to settle for something so obviously '2nd best'. Can't comment on AR, CJ or Rogue. OFF TOPIC... forgive my ignorance but what is 'adult alternative' music or what would fall into that category? Good luck in choosing,
I second Chelillingworth on the Rogue Magnum Tempest. It would be a great match-up with the Silverline Sonatinas. Look at the Soundstage review. I think they used a Rogue amp with the Silverlines.