high power tube amps vs ss

I have always had low efficiancy speakers and had powerfull ss amps to power them. Now I see there are a number of tube amps in the 150 - 200 WPC range. My questions is: is there anything to be gained by switching to these higher power tube amps over ss amps?
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Whoa! That’s pretty deep... and I always thought solid state guys were a kinda shallow :-)
I recently switched from two SS amps (Pass XA30.5 and Parasound A23) to two tube amps (Prima Luna Dialogue 4 and Prima Luna Dialogue 7). FWIW, I am very happy with the new tube amps. To my ears, the tube amps are less neutral than the SS amps. But what they lack in neutrality they make up for in personality. They may not be particularly accurate, but they are fun to listen to. At the moment, I don't miss my SS amps.

Having said that, I agree with the folks who say that you must listen for yourself. You can't take our word for it.

I sooooo want to like a high powered SS amp as much as tube, but just can't find one in the end. Hate dealing with tubes, heat etc..... Nothing sounds like a great tube amp however. The ASL Hurricanes are very special and high power. I have owned some great SS amps and hybrid amps that I thought would cure my tube cravings long term. They did not in the end.

I may need a high efficiency speaker to enjoy a tube amp without 11 tubes per side.
Jond, I'm happy you are satisfied.
Perhaps its because I'm an old man who started in audio when tubes were all there were that I became so used to the sound of Telefunken,Siemens, Raytheon, RCA,Amprex,Teslsa. British Mullard and Brimar etc that I find the China and Russian tubes so wretched.
Not that I given up on tubes entirely, I stll have 3 tube amps and 3 tube preamps.
Only 6 German EL-34's left .Down to my last dozen RCA 12AU7
and 4 50's Tungram 12AX7 and 4 French 6Bm8's.