High power handling speakers

Im looking for a good pair of used front speakers (up to $3.000) that can handle VERY high volume levels in my home theater and sounds great (and loud) with music also -my room is 15x30-. Doesn't matter if its an old model (almost always is there where you can find great prices and quality); quality and power handling is what IM looking for. Thanks in advance for your oppinions
Consider used Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III HSE. They handle up to 1000 wpc. They should sell right around $3000.
I've been really happy with my Klipsch RF-63's and I mainly listen too Rock/Classic Rock, Jazz and Blues.... I also use it with my home theatre system, match with the Klipsch RC-62 center, but I am in the process of upgrading to a newer AVR, either Integra DTR-9.9/or 8.9 or the DENON AVR-4310...

Good Luck!
AV123 LS6. There is a pair currently for sale for $3000. These can play loud with authority at whatever level you choose to play at. Signal is distributed amongst many drivers so they do not work hard.
JBL 4435 will play very loud. They are a classic and in good condition they will be about $3K.
I have been reading interesting things over at Avsforum about a speaker called the JTR Triple 12LF. They were designed for the pro market but are now adapted for the home.
Thanks to all for your input. The idea of having several drives is perfect to handle all the power, problem is that the AV123 is way to big for my family room (not a dedicated Home Theater .... yet). I will start my research and aviability in the used market for all the speakers that you recomends me.
If someone have more options, please let me know.
I forgot to mention that, because they will be in my family room, speakers need to be nice in their design, but not necessary "WAF" compliant: I can handle a fight, but not a divorce, if second option happens, Im sure that she and her lawyer will take my audio system out of me!!!!!!
so you want high SPL's not necesarrily high power handling, correct?

In that Case the JBL's mentioned above are great, so are Klipschhorns, Klipsch Belles, and I would also highly recommend Definitive Technology Super Towers BP7000 SC's. Great speakers all.
A friend has his home theater in his two car garage. Using an HK receiver he powers Klipsch Cornwalls 20 feet away which cost him $600. A pair of subs behind his listening position provide the growl, and two sets of inexpensive surround speakers provide the ambiance. His setup actually sounds a real theater . In short - quality horns in a large room. Not high end audio, but high end PA system is the sound of a real theater!
GedLee Nathan 10 for $1100/speaker? new.

95dB/1W/1 meter. The pro-sound woofer will take 350W of pink noise with a 6dB crest factor and is rated for 700W on music. The compression driver will be fine at those output levels.

Sub-woofers are required. A shelving low-pass filter will help if you don't load them into half space.
Thanks for all your repsonses.
How about an older pair of b&w 801s? Always cool looking!
Infinity Kappa 9.....beautiful to look at and will play loud and clean.....they love power. There's a photo of one of them on my system page. They show up for sale here quite often for about a grand per pair.
Maybe the JBL SRX 725 is a good idea for you. Because I see, this speaker series is highly appreciated in the world.
Agreed on JBL. JBL usually can play loud without strain providing that your amp is up to the task. Not talking about AV receiver. 
Any used paradigm studio or signatures will do. Factor the AMP expense when considering speakers to play loud and clean. Consider 92 dB or higher @ 8 Ohm stable speakers.

15x30 is not a big room btw!!.