High power amp reccomendations, airy highs a must

I'm needing a new 2ch power amp that can EASILY offer 300 or more watts into 4 ohms. Must have airy extended highs and well controlled bass. Resolution preferred over the warm glow sound, BUT NO CLINICAL ETCHED highs that are often thought of as resolution! Oh yeah ... I don't need it to cost a fortune. Used is just fine as well. NO TUBES
I have just listed my TRL mono blocks. 300 watts into 8 ohms and about double into 4 ohms. Take a look at the listing and read the various audiogon reviews. Solid State and sounds like exactly what you are looking for.
Innersound ESL (now Sanders Sound), Parasound Halo A21, BelCanto S300, there quite a few really good ones out there.
Rowland 501 Monos have gotten it done for me.
Wyred 4 Sound ST1000
One of the Musical Fidelity big integrated. They weigh about 110 pounds [separate power supply] and put out more power than you are likely to need. I have the smallest one , the NuVista M3, which is 275 into 8 about 500 into 4 and close to 900 into 2 with one channel driven. The 500 is , of course 500 into 8 and the 550 , well, you know. The TriVista is between the M3 and the 500. The bad news is they have 4 tubes in the front end, the good news is that they are very small and cheap and last 100,000 hours. Or 20 years of time left on. They have excellent highs and VERY tight bass but not the brightness you are talking about. I also cannot stand this. I have been a confirmed SS user since 1964 so don't worry about these having a "Tubey" sound. These will run from around $2100 to $5000 depending on model and condition, I don't know of anything else with the performance for the money. Also very well built.
McCormack DNA-500
I like the coda and mccormack recommendations so I will add
Belles and Odyssey into the mix;what speakers are you going to be driving with the new amp?
A couple of questions:
What is your budget?
What speakers will you drive, with what sensitivity?
Will you be running single ended or balanced?
What is your pre, with what output impedance?
What wiring do you use?
What music do you enjoy listening to?

Regards, G.
To answer a few questions ... I'm driving PSB Stratus Silver i speakers via Goertz MI2 bi wire speaker cables. Pre-pro is a Reference B&K, front end is a Lexicon RT-20 with 7 nines solid silver interconnects.
I consider my system pretty much neutral to my ears with very few minor sins, if any. Only thing I'd like to see improved is a little air in the highs and a little more taut and controlled bass/mid-bass. This has been well documented to be the hallmark of the Stratus speakers, but changing them is not an option, as I have heard NO speaker that can play as loud, sound as real on drums and stay musical at any level .... at least that I can afford. I'm fairly sure a change to a more resolving power amp with a high level of bass control and airy, extended highs will get me that last little bit. Problem is: My budget maxes out at $2000. Used will probably be a must.
I've also considered replacing the tweeters with a world class tweeter from Scan, but have NO IDEA how it would mate with the rest of my speakers in the cabinets.
Bryston 4BSST
Yeah ... a Bryston 4BSST was a HIGHLY looked amp I considered, but they are really too pricey for my budget. Most things I have read called the Bel Canto gear leaning to the warm and musical side, which I already have. Haven't heard McCormack's newer DNA Series though, and Belles looks interesting as well. Thanks for the reccomendations.
Oh yeah ... Here's the funny part: I'm a true audophile who listens mostly to complex, hard rock. Think Tool, Korn, ect .... While most audiophiles will scorn this musical taste, I find systems challenged JUST AS MUCH trying to resolve this music as I find them trying to resolve Classical Symphonies.
Making Dynamics and clarity a must ... but running away from anything sounding cold and etched, as listener fatigue will be almost instant.
For approx $2100 you can get a pair of Bel canto Ref 1000 Mk.1 monoblocks. These are very good amps that are highly musical and do not get easily confused on harmonically complex material during intense passages. Ihave used the Mk.2 version on my power hungry Vienna Mahler speakers and have written a review on Positive Feedback:
McIntosh mc252. You may find one used for @$2500 or so. This amp will easily drive your PSBs.
I just noticed you have listed your speakers, I would second the McIntosh recommendation above with those speakers, and the rest of your gear.

You will get a ton of SLAM from that combo.
OK, I have lots of great reccomendations about bass slam and control, but I am also looking to get an airy and extended treble, and I have never heard a Mac amp that wasn't overly warm.
I also received an email saying I should try Nordost Red Dawn interconnects to tighten the bass and extend the highs ??
Maybe one of jeff rolands amps might help you acheive your goal;his older products have been always well received and
to acheive tube like qualities;models 5,6,7,8 and 9;there is also the 8t and 9t as well.
Rleff, I also thought about JRDG legacy amps, but the $2K max budget may limit choice to a pair of Model 1 stereos (bridged to monoblock operation),, and perhaps model 3 and Model 5. Other legacy Rowland amps are likely to be above reqd budget. G.

or maybe one of the Pass Labs offerings.
check out the Sim Audio W3 or W5. If budget allows the Sim 5.3 or further up the line the W7 and W8. Also, you should check out the McCormacks for sure.