High-pitched whine AFTER playing vinyl

Newbie warning: I'm just getting started so forgive me if I say/ask something dumb.

A while back, I decided to start ripping some of my dad's old out-of-print vinyl to CD for him for a Christmas gift so he can listen in the car. As a result, I caught the vinyl bug. Now I'm hooked.

Here's what I bought:
Technics SL-1210 MK5 (brand new)
Denon DL-160 (HO MC)

That's all I can afford right now.

I'm listening through an Onkyo TX-NR801 receiver. It has phono inputs and a built in phono stage. Specs say it has a S/N ratio of 80db.

I think I have it set up correctly. I followed all the TT and cartridge instructions. All this old vinyl never sounded so good! I'm amazed!

However, as soon as I lift the stylus off the record (always using the cue lever) there's this high pitched whine or squeal that lasts for 15-30 seconds and then goes away. It sounds like a UFO landing. It starts really high pitched then lowers right before it goes away. It's only after I've played something that it does it. It's not present during record silence between tracks. I can play a record for a split second, raise the arm, and it still does it.

I've got the TT grounded to the receiver and I'm not getting any hum whatsoever. It's not coming from the mechanics of the TT because it does it whether or not the table is spinning. I can even completely power the TT down and it will still squeal through the outputs for its normal 15-30 seconds.

I only have about 3 hours of play on this setup. Is this part of breaking-in a cartridge? Any help would be appreciated. I've been playing lots of 45's so this whine is getting old fast since I hear it after every record.

Thanks in advance!
I have never run into that problem and I have used the 160 on several tt's over the years. Hopefully someone can give you some ideas on what is causing it.

In the meantime why don't you hit the mute button on your receiver or change your input selection before you lift the arm.

Have you tried disconnecting the ground from receiver?
Is the phono section of your Onkyo preamp equipped for a moving magnet cartridge or moving coil? I would be surprised if it was equipped for a moving coil cartridge which you seem to be using. This could be where your problem is. I presume that if you play a CD through the line stage that all is ok which would mean that your problem is in the phono section or with the compatibility of the phono section to your cartridge. Don't forget that the signal of your phono pre runs through your line stage -not the opposite.

>Is the phono section of your Onkyo preamp equipped for a moving magnet cartridge or moving coil?<

Virtually all HO moving coils are used in the moving magnet linestage/preamp inputs and loaded at 47K ohms.
Touch your finger lightly to the stylus when it starts to make the noise. Does that kill it, at least for a moment. It sounds like you have some kind of ocillation problem, likely caused by too high gain. Often a signal, like the music while the record is playing, will supress ocillation.
I think Eldartford is on the right track. I was scared to death to touch the stylus with my finger so I used the included cleaning brush. Stopped the whine when I touched it. When I pulled the brush off, it started whining again. After the whine stopped on its own (it seems to be taking longer and longer to stop) I noticed that pushing the tonearm against the armrest will cause a quick little whine and even brushing the stylus with the brush will cause the same whine for a split second. (I am brushing rear to front like the directions say to)

I will try disconnecting the ground tomorrow. Don't want to pull my receiver out this late at night.

Is my cart defective? Or is this something I just have to live with. I'm fine either way, I just want to make sure nothing is seriously wrong.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions.