high pitch from tweeter

I have this high pitch coming out from my TSM tweeter as i turn on my amp, what could be the cause behind? My systems consists of Audioaero Capitole, BC21 pre and Canary301 as power.
bad/microphonic tube in power amp?
dirty interconnect connector?
Try disconnecting the preamp output, then energize the power amp & see what happens. You'll isolate any posssible preamp issues with that test.
Hi Bob, just tested without connecting the pre and source, everything ok, but when link cd direct to power and problem occours, could it be the 6922 in the capitole giving problem?
Yes that's very possible. I didn't know the Audioaero Capitole has a tube output. Tubes are prone to ringing, microphonics, high idle noise, etc. especially when showing their age.
Since you're considering a tube replacement, try to chose a good one from among the many options. Kevin at the Upscale Audio dealership has been mentioned here as a good consultant to reference replacement tubes. I know I've read of others too, but Upscale stands out in my memory (I've never dealt with him myself). If you regularly deal with a particular shop, then you might ask them for suggestions as well.