high output phono preamp for use with passive pre

I have found myself enjoying a passive line stage very much recently. I have a Theta Probasic 2 DA converter that has a very high output voltage, making it perfect for use with a passive unit. My Audio Research VT 100 mk111 seems to be very happy with this combination. I am now using my Audible Illusions Mod 3A in my bedroom system. However, I now need a nice phono preamp that has a strong output to use with my passive preamp. I am using a high output cartridge, a Clearaudio Arum Beta. Any suggestions? Thanks,
Your question speaks for itself: Sell Audiable Illusions and get ARC PH3 or SE version whenever you hit the good used deal. This is a superbly designed phonostage with tube 6922 driver and MOSFET output. This phono-stage will give you approximately 1.5...1.7V on the output wich will be probably a-little less than from your DAC. You can also check the input sencitivity of VT100 for the rated output.

Pass Aleph Ono has even more gain but more pricewise.

In general the phonostage in Mod 3A is terrible.
I would take Marakanetz's opinions with a very large grain of salt. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and that is afterall what these threads are for, but his comment "in general the phonostage in Mod 3A is terrible" serves only to trash what is considered to be excellent by much more reputable voices in the industry. In the less than two years that Marakanetz has been a member he has initiated close to 140 threads and has responded to almost 1000. He has opinions on everything and I honestly wonder when he finds the time to sit down and enjoy the music, much less make informed opinions. Obviously I do not agree with some of his opinions; others I may agree with, but I fail to understand his need to trash well regarded equipment such as AI. I have been in this hobby for over 30 years and in that time have owned numerous preamplifiers and phono stages, some very expensive. I've owned 3 different versions of the Modulus preamp, with and without the John Curl MC stage, and they have all been excellent, especially considering their very reasonable cost and very high quality construction. Have I had better? Yes, but you will be hard pressed to find a better value in audio than an AI preamp. While they may fall short of the very best they come close and are very musical. And that is what this is all about. Judging by this thread and many others I've read, Marakanetz is very big on the Audio Research PH3, and that is an excellent choice. I would only add that the SE version costs as much as a new M3A and the standard version is only $500 less, and it is only a phono stage, not a full function preamp. It should be better. That said it will go nicely with your VT100. There are many options and if at all possible I would suggest trying some in your system before making a choice. Be sure to check the input voltage of your VT100. As long as your source puts out as much or more you should be fine.
If you wonder, I indeed listen in average to a few thousands of records and CDs per year. I even have a small Stax ear system in my office:^) Before I took PH3 I've listened to 6 phonos(Modulus 3A including) and 4 of them in my own setup since I did not want to spend more than $600 for the phono stage but seing no option to PH3 I stretched my budget. If I will ever upgrade PH3 I would probably go for AudioSynthesis or Pass X ono.

As to diffences in opinions I listened to this phono only once with Benz Glider HO and I wasn't impressed. If the phono-stage cannot handle 2.5mV cartridges than I realy bypass it. It definitely stays lower than Phonomena, Black Cube. To your comparison try to hook up the integrated Plinius 8200(that costs $1.5k used) and Modulus 3A in analogue setup.
Marakanetz...many audiophiles spend the majority of their time listening critically to their systems, rolling tubes, changing cables, and making other frequent changes to their gear. How can they become really involved in the music if they're never satisfied with the way their system sounds, and always looking for what's wrong? I too have exhibited this behavior as it's hard not to when your hobby is audio, but I always come back to the music. If it were not for my love of music I would never have gotten into this silly hobby in the first place. I'm glad to hear that you listen to so much music in the course of a year, even while you're at work.

The art of component design is generally an art of compromise, where cost and the financial resources of the intended audience is of greatest concern. Cost no object designs are always easier than those limited by budget. Audible Illusions has excelled at what they do for a very long time; building affordable not cost no object high-end preamps. They have received nothing but praise from audio reviewers since J. Gordon Holt first reviewed them back in the 1980s. You say that their phono stage cannot handle a 2.5mV cartridge. I disagree. The 3A can easily drive a 2.5mV cartridge and is very quiet. Perhaps there was something wrong with the cartridge or the tubes in the phono stage needed replacing. Currently I own 3A and am using a Well Tempered Reference table with a low output (1mV) Grado Reference cartridge. The sound is excellent, and I know good sound. My only complaint with this cartridge is there is a bit of noise, but in all fairness to the 3A 1mV is not enough gain. Still it sounds excellent and with most music it is hardly noticed. I also own an EAR 834P which is better suited to that cartridge and very quiet. It too has received rave reviews and having lived with one for a long time I can see why. Neither the EAR or the 3A are without their weaknesses, but what they do well they do very well. Certainly the PH3 is an improvement, but they are all very musical. If you have only listened to the 3A once I would suggest you are not really qualified to comment, other than to say you heard it once and it was not to your liking, that you prefered the PH3 and felt it was worth the extra investment. That is very different than saying it is terrible, which it clearly is not. That is the point I wish to make here. All of this equipment is good. Some of it just may not be the sound you prefer. Enjoy the music!