High output MC

as follow up to my previous post, if i need to send my Supex901 HOMC to Soundsmith, which will take a while, i need recommendations for substitute HOMC MC carteidge, "modest price", to fill in for a few months.

all tube gear, listen to classical, female vocals and some Springsteen. vocals are most important. I hate digital "edge", sibilants or fatigue.

pre owned from Audiogon would be great, to get more value.
Bob, you may want to clarify a little more what "modest price" means to you, as this phrase will mean different things to different people.

That said, I would recommend a Sumiko Blackbird as a modestly priced HOMC.
understood. modest can be up to 10K without a problem.
this is a 3 month use deal. modest here means up to 350.00?
or acceptable compared to the Supex sound.
hope this is doable with Ittok arm.
Why must it be a MC? Give a wood body Grado a try it just might surprise you! They are outstanding on female vocals.
If you really don't need a HOMC, try an Ortofon 2M Red. At $99, it's a killer little cart and since you're going to just be using it as an interim cartridge, you could spend the extra $250 you saved...on vinyl!
BTW: The last thing you should buy is a used cartridge with so-called low mileage,you can do more damage on your vinyl with a worn stylus. Check out the Grado Reference Platinum 1 for $350.00 .The Needle Doctor is a good place to start. They always give 10% off and free shipping if you ask!
Great reco's here, my personal favorites are the Blackbird as John mentions and I am a big fan of anything Ortofon.
Try a Nagoka
I'll second the 2M Red, grest cart period. I also have mounted on separate headshells, in addition to this Ortofon, an 2M Black, Shure V15 IV (with Ed Saunders microridge stylus, amazing), Grado Sonata, Stanton 881S (also with Saunders stylus), Stanton 500E (Saunders too) and Grado M+ mono. I run these on a used-but-great-shape Technics SL1200 mkII and it is amazing the different sonic envelopes afforded by these cartridges. An AT440 mla is on its way and that should round out the stable for now.

But whenever I go back the 2M Red, it still puts a smile on my face and it gets my feet a tappin'.

Also, I feel the Ortofon SH-4 headshells are the best out there for the money.