High output cartridges with high output phono pre

I have a Linn Adikt mounted on my LP12 and I recently aquired a GRADO PH-1 phono Pre. The Adikt has a tremendous output of 6.5MV and the GRADO in HIGH mode can handle from 2.5-4.5MV. Am I putting my system in danger by using this combination? Would you guys suggest replacing the phono pre or the cartridge? I could always sell either/or as they are both BRAND NEW... but I want the best sound quality without spending too much more money!
The main problem might be a possible overload of the phono section or the preamp input section. You would hear the distortion if overload was taking place. Especially on high peak passages.

If you are hearing no audible distortion on peaks, then there is likely no overload(or very little) taking place. If you hear it, then there is.

Increased distortion can possibly cause damage when amplified at higher levels into the speakers.
thanks, I have yet to hear anything that I would describe as anything but typical record hiss... I hope that with changing back to the K-9 I have been holding onto (since it went out of production) which is a 4.5MV output... it will be a better fit.
thank you for your help!

You can get a new stock AT OEM stylus for your Linn K-9
at Musconic.com (UK) for about $50 US.