high output cartridge for vpi scout

I have a vpi scout that's arriving tomorrow sans cartridge. It will play thru a creek destiny mm card. I've been looking at the dynavector 10x5, ortofon 2m black, grado reference sonata, rega exact. Any input? I listen to mostly 50's-60's jazz and blues. My wife's more into classical and 70'sish light rock of the early Hall and Oats, Bonnie Rait variety....So probably the more versatile the better.
Call Harry at VPI....he will be your best source of information.
Dynavector 20XH or Soundsmith.
I second the recommendation of the Dynavector DV20XH.
Can anyone describe the difference between the 10x5 and 20xh?
I like the Soundsmith I have, but I have also loved the Sumiko Blackbird, and I think since the power supply is seperate, a Grado (not much shielding) will work, and sound great.
Macdadtexas, sorry that I was not clear on my Soundsmith recommendation. I was not recommending the muy expensive strain gauge cartridges that do require an outboard box, but the Soundsmith moving iron cartridges, which are compatible with conventional phono stages and tonearms.