High output cartridge for 47db phono stage?

This question was probably asked already - but please forgive me.
I am am looking for the cartridge for my pre-amp with 47 db gain phono stage (CJ PV-12). What happens if I put 2.5 mV output cartridge to work (Benz Micro ACE H)? Two weeks ago I would have thought the higher output the better but reading quite a bit of reviews here I can see that this is not always the case. So would it better for the sound if I stick to medium output level then? Say 1-0.8 mV?
Thank you
I think that your range of 1mV-2,5mV cartridges is spot on! Two things come to mind, how quite are your tubes & is the 1mV cart better than the ACE H in quality?
This is only my personal opinion, but it is based on many separate experiences. I have come to prefer the sound of a really good MM or MI cartridge over that of high output MC cartridges as a class. This is not to say that one superb HOMC might not sound better than another very good MM, but it is my general conclusion to the point where I don't bother with HOMCs at all. If you need high output, I recommend you go toward a very good MM or MI cartridge. Remember, an MI cartridge actually has lower moving mass than an MC, especially an HOMC where the cantilever is pushing around a fairly substantial coil. Maybe this is the reason for my observations. Don't really know. For me, its LOMC or MM/MI but not HOMC.
I agree with Lewm. Personnaly I have never understood why there are HOMC carts at all. If you want a HO cart there are many fine MI or MM carts availeble, brands like Grado and Sound Smith come to mind.
Thanks, folks - you helped me in my decision to start with MM having in mind what you and other people say as well as the fact that Conrad Johnson's answer to my same question was that
"The phono section of the PV-12 is best suited to a moving magnet or high output moving coil. The resistive loading of the phono input is 47 kOhms"
Can't wait :)
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