High mass arm to mate with my Jade cartridge

I do confess that I previously started this thread entitled
buying a Jade: which arm to choose. I was going to continue
that thread , but have not been able to find it using different search words. Anyway, I did in fact buy the Jade
which may be arriving as early as this weeks end. I began my
previous thread to see if fellow members felt my Vector 3 would be a good match for the Jade. I would say there was no concrete feedback as far as people having heard the Vector w/ Jade. In general, no feedback encouraged that this may be a good match. If anything , there was some question if the Vector had the effective mass to handle the Jade. I had hoped the Vector would at least bring the Jade's best strength's to the table.
Hey, That would be a mistake as I am really not that smart.
Jade's strength's to the table, I love it!
I will be mounting it on my 2500/Vector for now and evaluate
it there first. FWIW, the I am considering the Graham
Phantom to maybe be a better match, as feedback has stated
it may have more mass than the Vector 3. Any further thoughts would be appreciated.
I have a Jade mounted to a Graham Phantom on a Clearaudio Master Solution.

The Phantom/Jade combo is amazingly warm and musical and I don't hear any indication that there is a mis-match between the cartridge and the arm.