High level Subwoofer connection

I am in the process of adding a pair of subs to my two channel music system. I plan on using speaker cable from the amplifier speaker output connectors to the high level inputs of the sub (ie, REL recommended).
My questions are:
1. Will the type of speaker cable make any difference (ie., stranded, solid core)?
2. What speaker cable do you recommend using?
In advance, thanks for any thoughts or suggestions you may have.
Since you're simply sending a signal to the sub amp, it shouldn't matter much. I use a single with four 12ga copper conductors inside. I believe they're stranded and tightly twisted. I bought the 20ft cable from another Goner. It works fine for my sub. In the HT room, my Art of Sound sub uses the REL cable w/Speakon connector for R/L speaker support. This cable has thin conductors and they could be silver-plated or tinned. There are folks making new REL-type cables with claims of superior sound. Could be. More than a few choices. Have fun.
The Basic stock Rel cable is horrible. I use a Nordost baseline made to Rel spec and it so much better. Attack and decay you will never hear with the stock cable. the Baseline has 6 X 24 gauge wire.

That said I have not heard the Rel premium cables. But anything is better than the base stock cable
Both SR and AQ make a Speakon cable for REL with the neutrik connector. Wonder if anyone has tried any of these cables and to what effect.
Many thanks
IMPORTANT POINT: As with many ARC power amps, the "common"/O/-/negative output terminal of your VT-100 MkII is NOT ground. The 4 ohm output terminal is what is grounded.

Looking at the schematic for your amp at the ARC Database site it appears that the 4 ohm output terminal is connected to chassis/AC safety ground on both channels, and chassis/AC safety ground is connected to circuit ground through a 10 ohm resistor located in the right channel circuitry.

Therefore, given that you will be using two subs, I believe the connections should be made as follows:

1)Connect BOTH the red and yellow wires from each sub to the 8 ohm output terminal of the amp for the corresponding channel.

2)Connect the black wire from each sub to the 4 ohm output terminal of the amp for the corresponding channel.

3)Continue to connect your main speakers in the normal manner, as you have been doing (black/negative to "O"; red/positive to either "4" or "8" depending on the impedance of the speakers and on what sounds best).

Also, see this thread, although it pertains to ARC monoblock amps.

-- Al
I'm using a maybe 12 foot run of Canare Star Quad with spades at the amp end and an angled (recommended) Neutrik Speakon on the REL side for my single Q150e...looks and sounds great.
Every reply seems to think you have REL subs, but you do not actually say that. You only want to utilize a high level input to the subs similar to the way a REL receives its signal, correct?
I use the same speaker cable to the subs. However, instead of a long run back to the amp I use short cables from the main speakers to the subs. The speakers have bi wire terminals with lugs that accept spades and bananas. So, it's a simple matter to use banana connectors for the sub wires.
Is it possible to use a high level input if there isn't one? The post says "(ie, REL recommended)" which seems to indicate a REL is in the works...hmm...