High level input

From my Mcintosh MC352 I am running speaker cables to my PD80's then jumping to the high level inputs of the built in sub amps. If, for example, the MC352 is pushing 200watts per channel, is half or that power being used to signal the sub amps? Am I wasting power just to send a signal or do the sub amps somehow filter out a line level signal? I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance.
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It surprises me that I am getting such low readings, but believe me it is VERY loud, However, I agree, I will call Ty and report back.

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We have yet to get it "goldened" but I assure you that it is in the works (right after cryo-treatment).

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The A weighting measures frequencies from 500-10000Hz and the C weighting measures from 32-10000Hz. (specs from Radio Shack's spl meter)Obviously we would go with the C which came in at 120.4 db. I took the measurements with the EQ on and I do have a dip in the mids. If I were to retest with the EQ bypassed the readings would be higher. As for the Behringer reading peaks of only 99.1db, I'm stumped. It could very well be an error on my part.

Thanks everyone for your replies and that's a great hat Bignerd, did you find it while shopping for a new summer wardrobe?:)