High frequency distortion from newer HiFi system - Need help troubleshooting

Hello all!
I have recently been experiencing distortion from higher frequencies that sound raspy, unclear and just plain bad. I can’t pinpoint if anything occurred leading up to starting to experience it.

I notice the raspiness in voices while watching tv and occasionally the hi freq sounds just sound unclear and terrible. I experience it both in stereo mode as well as surround (which would only add in the center channel).
I am running a NuPrime IDA-16 integrated with my Marantz 6012. My initial though is it’s coming from the amplifier; but I have no idea how or why. My first test is going to be to stop using the NuPrime and connect the speakers directly through the Marantz and see if I’m still experiencing it. My biggest concern is that there’s some sort of tweeter damage.

----------------------------Equipment details below----------------------------
Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2
Bowers & Wilkins HTM72 S2
Marantz 6012 Receiver
NuPrime IDA-16 Amplifier
Pro-ject Phono Box MM DC Phonograph Preamplifier
Pro-Ject - Debut Carbon Esprit SB turntable

Record player is connected to the PreAmp via AudioQuest - Evergreen
Record player is Grounded to the PreAmp via AudioQuest - GroundGoody Saturn
PreAmp is connected to the Amp via AudioQuest - Evergreen
Speakers are connected to the Amp via 12 Gauge Speaker Wire - 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper
Right, you do need help troubleshooting. It (troubleshooting) has nothing to do with what equipment you have. You troubleshoot based on what ANY piece of equipment COULD be doing. One by one you eliminate until you get down to the one it has to be.


So you said with TV. Does it happen with any other source? If not then done, its the TV.

If yes then is it both channels? If not then you switch cables and see if the problem moves to the other speaker. If not then its the speaker.

Got it? Follow the signal. Keep testing and eliminating, you will get to the culprit.

That's troubleshooting.

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