High Fidelity Sound Speaker

Here is what I call High Fidelity Sound.
Sorry if you have issues making a  determination

**Ohh YT compression,,,ohh comp speakers can reveal the actual in room listening experience,,,, cheap cam micing...**
WEll I can.
This is probably the very finest sound I've ever herad froma  spaker.
Thing is, fouund this video while continuing my research on my next speaker build
Fostex Sigma 8 + Fostex Sigma 4 
The Sigma 4 is in this video.
No doubt,  and now i understand what you guys were getting at about **The whizzer thing** making unwanted resonances.
Got it
No whizzer.
Project should be up by may 2022.
Going to sell the DLVX8
TB2145 Good
DLVX8 Better
Fostex Sigma 8 The Best

I'd like to see any xover type design beat out this Fostex Sigma 106. 


How often have we all heard the trolls  make the fake accusation against FR
**ohh too much bass roll off, they do not offer bass*
What spam, pure snkeoil
You want bass, you got it.

And you can judge that from a video on youtube? I wonder what you're listening through, just for laughs; not that it would really matter.
On top of that, this amazing driver that you're drooling over is being augmented by a subwoofer and what appears to be a ribbon supertweeter! So much for a "full range" driver.
I guess that you just enjoy dreaming. 
I think it is funny how @mozartfan will have 95% of the posts in a thread he started. He is not seeking input he is just bloviating.
The in deep research you make for speaker bring tear of wonderment in my eye. After you make 5 day with conversion with self back and forth write note 30 time in vintage dry pad of paper and make wish every morning. I think you try Zu they good. I just move pair essence from main house wood shed to ski house listen in sleigh garage. They old but goody.
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N going back to original game plan
DavidLouis VX6.. sorry guys for all the confusion. 
I'm sure the FE Sigmas are very nice speakers,,,but after more research,, looks like DLVX6 is the way this project should go.

I think it is funny how @mozartfan will have 95% of the posts in a thread he started. He is not seeking input he is just bloviating.

WEll yes and no
I am trying to plant seeds, Maybe you guys later on will ck out some of these FR's. 
The Fostex have been around some time now. 
They keep upgrading,  trying to tweak their speakers.
I'm sure they are good.
But considering I am very happy with the sound of a  wood cone , best to stay with wood.
To me its all about which speaker has the  least amt of mid resonances.
I really can't find any fault with the DLVX8 so better stay with orginal plan and add in the DLVX6.
Trying to show you guys how a DIY project can have change of plans, So if you take on sucha  project, never order any speaker until you've thought it through for at least a  few weeks.
btw the DL's are designed/fabed in 2020. making it the very latest in FR speakers.
Cone material will determine how the midrange  voices. 
Since the magnesius are super damp in mid resonances only makes sense to stay witha  super damp cone in the FR.
Which both the Wood and TB's banana fiber offers. 
I want to try Fostex's FE126NV
for testing purposes. 
will let you guys know how it performs.


Please keep in mind all my vids the room has onlya  small rug for acoustic treatment and also it is a  relatively small rm so there is bouncing of fq's off the walls. 
Take this into consideration when listening. 

We really need that Mute User button.

Hold up Jerry for Cancel Culture button

Just 1 more thing before I leave you guys fora  few days/weeks

Nuf said
Good luck in yall's speaker search/projects/hopes and dreams

Seeing IS Believing


I know what I want from Santa this Xmas.

They sound decent at normal volume ,and very limited bandwidth.
there is no one driver That can be optimum from 20 Hz to 20 Khz 
I hav3 owned many speakers .
i javelin ownedVoxativ  with bass drivers dynamics still limited then say a great monitor and powered subs .
I think I'm getting use to it..

I better up MY medication... :-)

I did like a lot the Voxativ field coil speakers with powered subs 
they sounded excellent with cabinet and subs over  $16 k

i will say the MBL 126 monitors are fantastic ,and with dual Svs 3000 micro subs a great setup ,and no single driver can give you 
the you are there and realism as the MBL speakers , that’s whst I am currently saving for .
@mozartfan. Only I would be muting you so not sure where you are getting cancel culture from a Mute User button. Not a blanket cancellation.
I just want to mute you when you are rambling and babbling. I am all for your free speech dude, I just don’t want to read it or hear it.
All this discussion about nothing. I thought this forum is about sharing and providing advice to those seeking it. Not about chest beating to an audience that could care less.
mozartfan..........Do you really know much about Mozart?

I don’t think it’s so much about what the OP is listening to, but rather what he is listening on.

built enclosures for both the FE108Ez as well as the FE208Ez.

They are both nice sounding speakers, and have a very particular sonic signature. I would not, however, call them the be all and end all of speakers. 
Designed a very simple speaker, using a very inexpensive Coax driver. Implemented a capacitor less crossover. They are both time, and phase  coherent just like a FR driver, they present the same sense of air as a FR driver. Only difference is, they go deeper and higher with greater ease than the FE108Ez - or any other 4” FR driver I have built an enclosure for. There have been many…

And you have to stop with the YouTube audio as some kind of reference for SQ. You are invalidating all of your very repetitive posts.

Every YouTube hifi system video I have viewed sound like Visio TV or laptop speakers to me. 
They were more impressive with the audio turned off and just look at the system. 
Maybe I have to listen to them in another room or from behind my tv.
and have a very particular sonic signature.


Someone on another board suggested I drop the idea of adding in the Fe168Sigma, as it does NOT have the same mids as the FE108Sigma 
So not only does each Fostex model has dif characterists seems each size also has slightly different characterists.
The 108 will actually work better for my project as a  add on with the DaviDlouis VX8. 
108 @ 90 db sens 
vs 168 @ 94 db sens,,
which is way too high for what I want the driver to do in my system.
No one understands what i am doing,,although I tested the add on FR W4 and it worked out wonderfully.
If the FE108Sigma  has excellent voicing,  its **possible** I will swap out the DLVX8 and install a  FE208Sigma. 
YT vids only give a  bare bone hint at what a  speaker is doing.
So after watching several vids on the 208's performance, can't really tell how it stands next to the DLVX8.
Not looking for perfection. 
So if they are close in midrange , well then makes no sense swapping outa  beautiful sounding VX8.
However if the 108 does havea  certain charm in the mids, well then its worth a chance to hear the FE208Sigma as a possible upgrade over the DLVX8.

But as I say I'm not going to replace the VX8 just for a   nuance. 
As my classical music recordings  are not super high fidelity.
If I were a   jazz fan, well then thats  a  whole nother genre. 
Then the swap might be worth the  extra bang. 
Will keep everyone posted on this project. 
,,,had to scroll up to see the title of this topic,,,make sure my post here is not too far off OP.
Yes its spot on as meaningful to what is high fidelity and how we might be able to tweak and upgrade.
Our speakers are only limited by our creativity. 

What are you talking about Mozart?
Do you think before you post?

Thought not.  It's all a load of garbage.
Please stop posting it or else learn to write coherently.

I have been surveying the best restaurants in the world by looking them up and then smelling and licking my iPad.  I can reveal all I know, but it would be too exhausting starting dozens of threads and drafting hundreds of sentence fragments for each.
Simply sublime  and sureal
I think I've found the speaker for my system, Thanks for all your  suggestions and help with my project,
w.o you guys knwoedle and exp I would never have discovered the Fostex Sigma series  speakers.
Such a  comradarie around here. 
Best audio chat board  on the WWW

Spaeker disappears
@ 94 db sens, perfection. 
I thought I've read some mantra around here 
**There is no such thing as a  perfect speaker**
Nuff said.
I have my hornet suit on, keep on a stingin...


Your link has 3 drivers not just the Fostex  drivers 
and there for  sure is a Xover if you have 3 independent drivers
be i5 a electronic Xover , or passive , and personally I hav3 never been a big fan of electronic Xovers ,too non involving ,lifeless
the video is very bright no meat on the bones ,what you may call 
detailed, I would say missing midrange depth, and instrumental 

Yes, once again a supertweeter. (I don't see a third driver) This time it looks like it might be a transmission line enclosure. So that's your new favorite,,,for the next 8 hours until you find a new favorite for your imaginary project
Simply sublime and sureal
We get it. You enjoy rolled off bass and ice pick to the ears treble.

**There is no such thing as a perfect speaker**
That certainly applies to that video.

The video you posted in the OP was the closest to good sound of any video you have ever posted...by far. That speaker has cabinets engineered to work with the driver. It also has subwoofers and ribbon tweeters (GASP!).
I won't comment on the sound of a video (pointless), but, what I see is a two-way employing a wide range driver in what is probably a transmission line enclosure and a bullet tweeter on top.  This type of speaker can be quite nice sounding, but, nothing is earthshattering or revolutionary about this approach.  In my system, I utilize an almost identical Fostex horn tweeter; it is an okay device, but, there are plenty of other tweeters that also perform well.  
earthshattering or revolutionary about this approach. In my system, I utilize an almost identical Fostex horn tweeter; it is an okay device, but, there are plenty of other tweeters that also perform well.  

I was aware of this WAW design til this year, so its new to me.
The sound is fantastic.
Yes agree, there are countless tweeter types avaliable, 
No problem finding a  good tweeter.
I prefer the dome types. 
The video you posted in the OP was the closest to good sound of any video you have ever posted...by far. That speaker has cabinets engineered to work with the driver. It also has subwoofers and ribbon tweeters (GASP!).

I'm sure  his recorder is far superior to my Sony Cam at $100. But yes its really  a clean sound as ALL  the comments on his YT page agree upon. Apparently not all agree here on Audiogon.  aka The Experts in sound.

Dont care for ribbons, 
Domes please.
The guy did his homework and found a  incredible synergy. 
I'm still working on my system.

The other vid with a  Single FE6 is only to demonstrate the power and ability of  a  W6 FR.
Not bad for a  single W6. 

Yes my system is not a    single FR its what they call WAW, FR +  woofer/tweeter assist.

That speaker has cabinets engineered to work with the driver.
This went right over your head. If you don't understand it, maybe you should figure out what is meant. You don't have cabinets designed for the driver, and that is why you will be forever stuck with mediocre sound.

 But yes its really a clean sound
Dont care for ribbons,
If the driver sounds good, how does it matter what type it is? That is truly bizarre thinking. 

curiousjim511 posts11-02-2021 2:20pmmozartfan, are you off your meds again? You really are not making much sense.

Its not important  about me,
The only thing that is of value  is the performance of a  FR.
Focus on that alone. 
Forget me.
and seasons greetings to you too
The best flavor of ice cream is definitely chocolate. No, wait, the best flavor of ice cream is vanilla…

There's imitation flavored ice cream and then there;s the real deal flavors,,,
Happy Holidays to you you too.
FE168Sigma, Most you you have not even a  clue what that means.
wayyyy behind the curve
Thats speakers has been out for 10+ yrs now. And YOU still ain't heard about it. 
Seasons Greetings to All
and a  Merry Good Nite

At point in my marriage after wife had been with me for 5 years it my idea we go to see therapist. She want sex constant- early morning morning mid morning late morning, etc all night. I feel like she only have single focus and therapist help her to see greater perspective like that I need energy for work, fish, ski, race car, etc. She perspective grew beyond what she most deeply desire constantly. My point is that op must understand we all have different size room, budget, volumes, air movement. What work in you room likely won’t be good my main system room 24x32. Hope this help make clear some of the issue with this type of “best” post. Now wife sister get just like this aggressive with me but we make work.
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roxy544,780 posts11-02-2021 8:29pmmozartfan,
Didn't you say that you were going somewhere for a few weeks?


Didnt you say you were going to buy a  FR just to ck  if what i am saying has merit?

Besides I;'m not looking for help over here on UN-all things audio Audiogon,,as FR discussions seems to be Cancel cultured. 
Music for me is real with a  FR. 
My music has come to life, finally. 
"My music has come to life, finally."
That's nice...but you did mention going away for a few weeks, right?
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I wonder what speakers priced between $5,000 to $10,000 sound better.  It would be helpful if a sound engineer were to list the best speakers in order rather than the dealers and manufactures who list them online.  I doubt Focal is going to list Paradigm better than their speakers.  Everything I read seems to be biased.
Strange comment larry8729. Why would you trust a sound engineer (whatever that is) to tell you what the best speakers in a certain price category are? Don't you think that in the end that's a personal decision based on listening? 
I am sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about, no matter how many times you post.    

Maybe using spellcheck and actual sentence structure might help, but somehow I doubt it.    

That being said, I actually do have a "whizzer thing", but it has nothing to do with listening to music.
Strange comment larry8729. Why would you trust a sound engineer (whatever that is) to tell you what the best speakers in a certain price category are? Don't you think that in the end that's a personal decision based on listening?

Sound engineers know the marketing ads are full of snakeoil

From reading some posts here lately, seems this speaker thing is all about individual choice.
This is what I've summed up lately,, Which is a bit weird to me, But it is what IT is.

My personal preference is to exclude all and every low sens/xover type speakers for Front Center principle speaker.
These guys are only good as assist for my FR.
FR is the only, excluding every other design , as my 1st and only choice of listening to my classical music.
I've tried the low sens /xover type designs..
They just did not work out.
But of course this is a free choice world we live in, 
There are hundreds of speakers avaliable. Something for everyone.