High Fidelity Sex Objects

There have been many posts on legendary, wonderful sounding, musical components, but what components have been the most sensual and exciting to own and use. This does not preclude great sound or musicality but hopes to identify other interesting design qualities and recognize some of your favourites. Thank You.
I like the feel of my girlfriend's knobs. Sex with equipment, huh? huh.
Ohlala: so of what are those knobs constructed? aluminum? steel? plastic? silicone? ;<)
So I guess we have already descended into adolescent silliness. To give you a hint, I rarely listen to the radio or cassettes, but I lust for my Yamaha T-2 and Nakamichi Dragon. These components perform very well, but there is also something special about their fit and finish, look and feel. I preferred the midrange of my Apogee Stage speakers, but the Martin Logan SL-3 is much sexier while still being a fine speaker musically. In the end, I think, "sexier" and more interesting to own. Get it? Is anyone else interested in this concept or shall we just make more cheesey sex jokes?
what concept, clowndon? i think cheesey jokes are a lot more interesting than your posts. what is it that makes the dragon sexy, eh? are the martin logans well endowed, or is there something else about 'em that makes them more libidinous than those ugly ol' apogeeze? did you sleep with your yamaha or merely "lust after it"? BTW, is that yamahaha an audio bit or a motorcycle? gosh, clowndon, i guess i maybe don't "get it." maybe you can 'splain (before you 'cuse me, yet again). sholom.
I tried "doin" my Dyna ST-70 one quiet eve.but her tube sockets were a tad dry.So then I figured I'd pull the power cord and give her "back door" a visit but then I remembered her cords captive. HEY!!! where can I get one of those Yamaha"s ???
AUDIOGON: I can see that I am not the only object of Corn's hatred.
I would submit the Quad 303, 33 and Fm3 as being "cute and sexy," I was younger when I owned them and kept them far too long even after they had been sonically surpassed by better gear in my possession. To be honest I kept them almost 20 years (purchased then used) long after they were in use due to the capacitors and resisters going South, as objects of art, though stored in various closets over the years. I recently traded them for a painting with some guy that I met at the local flea market, and the new owner was going to attempt to rebuild them on his own (not cost effective if done at a shop). I may still eventually add a "working" Fm3 to my system as the station signals are pretty strong where I live, which is what the Fm3 needs to operate well. The Fm4 is a better tuner but is lacking on the cuteness scale.
PS: Younger when they were in use. They started acting up three years or so after I purchased them, the power amp being the first to go.
Clowndon, your thread title and subsequent second post; chastising the first respondent, reminds me of the "girl of the night"/walking down Hollywood Blvd/ in her hotpants/ and complaining about all the guys comming on to her. EH?
AvGuyGeorge: Let's give the "Guys of the Night" working Santa Monica Blvd/ in their hotpants, an equal say here.
Hey, that was a low blow!
i've never thought of my stereo rig as sexy, but if yure getting at what i *think* yure getting at, i openly admit that i bought my oracle turntable cuz it looks cool. the fact that it also happens to be an amazing-sounding piece at a bargain-price, has only increased my happiness w/it.
Cwlondon; I'll play. I just purchased a 2nd McCormack DNA2DX amplifier to have them converted to mono-blocs. I talked to Steve McCormack (before 2nd purchase), and he told me that when the two channels of this amp are bridged it will "put out" an incredible 1200 wpc into 8 Ohms. I find the idea of this very sexy, eg it makes every hair on my body stand straight out-- when done, I'm going to be scared to "turn the things on". One other thing-- also highly sexual-- is that no one else in the entire bleepin' world has these amps as monos, although one other guy has inquired about "the change";>). Cheers. Craig.
Alright, "Virgin" Mono's.
Any of you remember the Speaker Art speakers on display at CES about 6 or 7 years back that looked like HUGE phallic devices?
Yes, but most of the interested parties (male audiophiles) were just interested in purchasing one (instead of the pair).
My Big Young and teenage (almost eighteen-in speaker years) Dunlavy -SCV's, Each weighing 300 + lbs, slim, tall and deep, looking very sexy and performing wild, sexy, passionate and intense ORAL on me( I mean my ears). On my Sweet Spot. Oooh Baby!!!
Lusting for equipment is sure sign that you need to get laid...by a person. Oh, cornfed, my woman's boobs are wooden, you know, like Nancy R.'s. Happy Festivus!
OK OK OK. I was just trying to get your attention and show some sense of humour. And cornfedboy, I think you do actually get it. But on reflection your point about the Dragon was right -- it is a little plasticky. The 700 ZXL was quite sexy, however. If I remember correctly from the who are you posts, you have been around this business for quite some time so you would know that the Yamaha is a tuner. Their motorcycles, for example the R-1, is an exteremely high performance piece of gear but considerably less "sexy" than a Ducati or the new MV Augusta which may help you "get" my question. Mr Ohlala, my sexual frustration is limited to my boredom with uninteresting hi fi designs, hence my original post.
Sorry, I was just teasing, not personally directing my reamark at you. I don't even know you, but I do that some audiophiles are just shutins who really need a date.
You all need a sence of humour. See if you can audition one at home before you buy it.
isle settle for an in-the-store audition - dunno how the wife wood go for an in-home audition... ;~)