High fidelity REVEAL interconnects

For $699 HF costumer service, said it can compete with the Odin, apparently this cable is available for shipping a week before Christmas?      Agoners any opinion?
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Honestly I only own their adapters, I can't afford their cables, I do like their adapters, I used them on my dilgital cable.
'compete'...to strive to outdo another for acknowledgment'...didn't say it was better...their products are superb..however.
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Mdp632 you are right, the price points is more accessible, since it's a 30 day return, if it does not work, I would think many will audition it.There is also Cerious Technology cables that are getting superb review, and much cheaper...

jayctoy, where do you see 30 day return?  All I see is under the 'Policies' tab of the ad is "14 days" and "no signs of use".  I think that means once you tried the cables, you can't return it any more.  I am very interested in this cable too and would like a chance to audition.

- Item can be returned within 14 days of receipt.

- Items must be returned in their original condition, with all included packing materials and no signs of use.

Oh, I see it now.  It is at the bottom of the ad.

Questions for the seller


Will this cable out run the Nordost Odin that I have?

Without question. In fact the Odin was a Target cable to beat in our testing as it excels in clarity and musicality amongst most. We found the Reveal to better Odin in every way that we love the Odin it also bettered the similar Odin 2. We back it with 30 day Money back so you can compare it yourself however you won't need the return program were confident of that the difference is not subtle. HFC Customer service

Respected thank you for writing the HF costumer service claim.

Looks like HF is working on a new speaker cable, and it will beat Odin as well.  This is getting more and more interesting.
Yes it will favor us.
The ad has been relisted with all the questions for the seller erased.  What does that really mean?
I use an Odin I digital cable (replaced a Stealth Sextet, my long term reference), and I am extremely skeptical the HF Reveal can best Odin, especially at that price. Will await more objective comments. I have HF Enhanced IC's and they are superb, but they also are expensive (though price pales beside Odin).


Maybe they saw this thread,or don't want to offend Odin owners, the HF costumer service can join us on this this thread....they are the only one so far who has the chance to listen to the Reveal cable.....
I also think it is too good to be true that the HF $699 cable can better or equal the $14k Odin.  But I do hope it is true so I can get me a pair.  :)
I agree, I'll wait for the agoners review, I think I can afford it.
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Regarding the 14 day return policy on the Audiogon ad. I contacted HFC the other day about this and they assured me that they have a 30 day trial period with there products.

So why not just give it a try in your system and find out for yourself?

I have tried cables that some people thought sounded lively in there system, but then I tried them in mine and they sounded dull . Can’t always go by what someone else hears in there setup.

Hi respected,

Maybe not too good to be true.  I would imagine that patent laws aside (if applicable) a company could make an exact copy of the Odin for well under $699.  How much do you really think the r&d, raw materials, and labor costs?  I don't know. 

I am the one who asked Rick about his cable out running my Odin IC/SC

I will A/B them and report back. Rick tells the Truth so I am excited about this buy!!
I'm excited to hear your impressions glory, report back pretty please
Got these in my system and so far I am diggin what I hear. Very 3d, amazing detail, black background and very pleasant to listen to overall. Only a few hours in. Will keep burnin them in the rest of the weekend. These don’t sound like $700 cables. They are also the heaviest cables I ever used before. Don’t let the gray parts of the cable fool you, they are not plastic, they are like fishing weights lol.
Aniwolfe keep us more update....

Aniwolfe, you got the $699 IC already?  I thought they won't ship until next week.  Anyway, please keep us posted on how they sound.  What IC are you comparing them to?  Odin?  Glory, if you are the only person with Odin, then you will be the only one who can give us the true comparison between the 2.  Man, this is so exciting...  If this cable equals or betters Odin, then it will revolutionize the whole high-end cable industry.
Why would I lie? No I don’t have the ODIN’s, would never buy something with that price tag.
I can say I have compared them to cables in there price range. Which probably doesn’t really excite some of you lol. But, I can say they destroy the Wireword Silver Eclipse 6 and the High Diamond 7’s and a few other cables that I won’t mention.
I did have the CT-1 Enhanced in my system at one time. I wasn’t blown away by them. I did like them, but these REVEAL sound more detailed, Dynamic and open to me. But ultimately I wasn’t able to a/b them, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. For $700 this is a crazy deal that I KNOW FOR SURE!
Respected it's the 17th already , so yes, Aniwolfe is right, I believe they are making them before they posted here, yes sir it will revolutionize the industry, anymore who got theirs please update us...
aniwolfe12-17-2016 1:05am
No I don’t have the ODIN’s, would never buy something with that price tag.
I hope you never want to buy anything like a boat, car or house! Or a nice suit, even.
Aniwolfe, I am guessing the reason why this cable is heavy is because it is full of magnets.  Does the cable sound bright?  Sometimes a highly revealing cable may sound a bit too bright.  Hope there will be more reviews (especially comparing to Odin) showing up in the next few days. 
Read between the lines, he is saying he would rather buy a boat, car or house than waste that much on a couple of wires.
@ jetter Thank You lol

@respected_ent  They don't sound bright or thin on my system. As a matter of fact, they have the most bass punch I have heard in any interconnect I have tried.

Thanks for the info, Aniwolfe.  This is really good news.  How much break-in time you think is needed?  Did HF have a recommendation on that?  If the cable already sounded good right out of the box, the I wonder how much better it will get once it is broke in.  Also, if the new HF speaker cable is going to be affordable like this IC, then I may be changing out all the cables in my system.
Sounded very good pretty quick surprisingly (less than 3 hours). I only have about 10hrs of playtime on them. I would be perfectly happy if they didn’t change much. It’s actually hard to imagine them getting much better. Usually new cables for me sound edgy, thin or dull...these did not. When I installed them, they sounded a little confused. Then after 3 hours or so they started to focus. Tons of detail, lots of depth in the soundstage, punchy bass, very low noise floor. realistic cymbal sounds, everything you want in a very expensive product, but your only paying a fraction of the cost.

They created such a drastic change in they way my system sounds, that I will need some time before I try some of there other products. (Adaptors and the MC5’s)

The other thing I like about these is they don’t have the magnets on the rca plugs, so they don’t attract particles. Its the waveguide in the middle of the cable that seems to be doing all the work. They don’t also don't have the issue of the rca's being overly tight fitting either. They fit just right.
Aniwolfe the magnet on the rca, Iam not a fan of it either, the adapters are also good....
Wait for the speaker cable, see how much they will price,,
Do they have, or are they planning on offering an XLR/balanced version of the Reveal cables? 
The new speaker cable will also have to be 'affordable' for me to jump on it.  According to HF, we can expect the speaker cable to be available for purchase as early as next week.
Respected this is really getting exciting ....
Are this cables three times better than the Cerious Tech ic extreme graphene? Or this Reveal are just on onother league?
I will respectfully say the CT GE IC’s are very different sounding in my system. What I love about both cables is they are the most musical sounding cables I have heard to date. The main difference is the CT are very laid back and warm. The Reveals are much more clear and dynamic. The combo of the CT GE SC’s and the IC were just too warm for my tastes. That’s why I made the move to the Reveals.

I was actually going to say earlier in my posts, that the best sub $1500 combo that I have come across is the CT GE Speaker cables and the Reveal interconnects. That is currently what I am using now and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Even with the soon to be released Reveal SC’s. I view matching cables to be just like being a chef making food. You have to be careful how much of this and that you add to your dish. The combination of the warmth of the CT SC’s and the clear detail sound of the Reveal are just perfect for me. This is the combination that I have been so desperately searching for.
Aniwolfe my friend use  the same combo, he kept the Cerious speaker cables and use High Fidelity IC, You are right careful matching is the key, I want the soup though..
I too have the CT speaker cables with the HF CT-1UR interconnects..Magic !!
I have the Triode Wire Labs SC.  Does anyone have it with HF IC?  I totally agree that system/component matching is the key to good sound.  I may be perfectly happy with TWL SC with HF Reveal IC, but again, if the new HF SC is 'affordable', then I may give it a try to see how well HF IC and SC work together in my system.
Respected if you try HF cables you will end up keeping it, that's what happen to me on the adapters.
Glory no report yet?
Glory, if you have received Reveal, please give us an update.  I think you are the only one who can truly A/B test Reveal and Odin.  Any other members who have Reveal can also give us their impression as well.  Thanks, all.
very curious about these cables now. just found out that they're close to home. my cables cost about 3x more and are a better fit than other cables that I compared directly that cost 5x more than the Reveal. will get myself a pair and compare here at home.
Trying the CT extreme SC/AC first. 
Setting hear listening to the Reveals on my phono pre-amp and they sound wonderful with little play.  The combination of CT 1 speaker cables and the Reveal cables take my system to a new level.  These are the best cables I have ever heard or used, "already".

Thankful, what IC were you using before Reveal?  Thanks for letting us know that Reveal is a awesome cable.  I believe we have 2 confirmations so far.
Aniwolfe the rca connectors looks bulky in the middle I wonder if they will fit on my preamp?
My most recent were Exemplar Audio's Exception IC's.  They are a great bang for the buck!  However, the Reveals are on a different level.  I have used many brands over the years but the CT1E and the Reveals are the best I have used.  

I describe the Reveals by saying they place you closer to the live event.  Revealing but organic.  Music just flows and you get more of it.  The soundstage is wide, deep and although you get excellent instrument location they retain their musicality.  I can only imagine what the higher level models sound like.      

Thankful, your comment is making me to think that Reveal is at (or close to) Odin's level.  May be it is true that Reveal is just as good as the $14k Odin.  :)  Again, we won't know for sure until Glory writes back on the A/B test result.