High Fidelity MC.05 Helix plus just

I recently tried a High Fidelity MC.05 Helix Plus and found it to be very effective, the sound quality was improved in many ways, mostly a more natural presentation with more soundstage width and depth. I already have four of the original version and like them very much, but the Helix Plus is different yet works well with the original version. Has anyone tried the Helix plus or the even newer Signature?
I recently got one of the Helix Plus units on a lark, after Rick listed some discounted units here on Audiogon.

I have to confess: I pretty much did not believe that this device could have much of a meaningful effect. I won’t go as far as saying I thought it was snake oil, but I really was prepared to declare that it has no effect.  I plugged it in and promptly forgot about it.

Well I’m here to tell doubters and naysayers that these do have an effect. I had forgotten I had installed it, and the next time I fired up my system I immediately noticed it sounded different.  I was wondering what was going on before remembering about the Helix Plus. The sound was a bit cleaner, blacks were somewhat blacker, and the whole presentation was a bit... softer and lusher.

My conclusion is that these definitely do something, and whether you like what that something is depends highly on your system and taste.  But there is no doubt to my ears of the effect.

I have been using them for several years now and each time i add one the sound gets better