High Fidelity CT-1 vs Teo Audio liquid cable

02 july 2012

I have recently compared Ricks new High fidelity CT-1 cable to my highly regarded reference Teo MkI IC cable.
I thought I would share my thoughts on two stellar IC`s.
Please keep in mind this is my very first review/comparison - I am a newbie to this so please pardon the unsophistication/writing.

I shall do my best to simply convey what I hear. I have been playing with audio for about 20 years though. I shall post my full system in the near future. Been meaning to do it for a while now.

Other cables in system -

Firstly I use Spectrons own latest remote sense speaker cables(million years to burn in lol) on my upgraded(bybee,CUTF ,fuses,wiring etc) Spectron monoblocks.
On this note quickly - I must say that getting the AC and cables right are a MUST with these amps not to mention allowing the loong burn in time at moderate volume!
Also changing V-cap TFTF to CUTF(or Duelund) really changes these beasts for the better!
More on this in another post maybe as it has frustrated me a bit reading numerous comments on these amps(usually in single stereo mode) from those that clearly judge these amps prematurely or surround them with incompatible gear etc. I find these are superior very transparent amps and speaker cables.... also allot more.
IMO people that sell these amps before exploring their full potential are really missing out! So yea more on this later.

PC cables are a mix of latest Shunyata KC VX `i`limited edition(amps and player) and Elrod Gold Statement(passive conditioner).
I do not currently use a digital cable.

So the main focus for me has been my 2 main IC cables from source to Space Tech Labs tube buffer/rec to amps.
In buffer/rec I usually use big tubes such as WE300B & SV572-160 & Marconi KT66 etc & one of my smaller favorites - the GE 1951 6V6 silver plate.

I have auditioned/bought many high end cables over the years. Too many to list.

CT-1 interconnect with approx 200hrs play time. Teo MkI approx 7-800hrs.

Following = CT-1 compared to Teo MkI bypassing my big Space Tech Labs tube buffer and rectifier and running direct to amps.

I find compared to Teo the CT-1 has quite different presentation. Teo is definitely darker and has more thicker/weightier textural sound-stage... with really great detail considering.
With Teo you really hear the full timbre texture natural and accurate resonance of plucked strings and instrument body. Yes a more tubey `organic` sound but definitely nothing like typical warm Cardas Golden presentation.
Teo is a great cable no doubt! No blur! Firstly I find the CT-1 is faster more open cleaner extended and images better. Almost as smooth as Teo too if not equal.
Usually when I hear such a fast extended open cable there seems more emphasis on transient attack opposed to note development then release decay.
Often top end will sound a bit harsh and truncated.
I don`t notice this with CT-1. In fact transients seems crystal clear but not hyped and the rest of the notes develop release beautifully staying naturally smooth.

Harmonics are rendered in tact... same with Teo.
I notice less focus on attack with Teo.
Percussion instruments sound more `there` with CT-1 and I hear more enegry in general at upper most frequncies. Things seem more lit up, open, faster, more focused.
Teo has more weight in midband and down low albeit in a good way. With CT-1 voices are definitely coherent as I have ever heard. Once again harmonics do indeed sound well resolved and top end has that last bit of extension I was looking for but the extension also sounds very natural to me which is important.
I believe I have good hearing and I definitely notice a bit more ambiance reverb decay delicacy etc up top.
But hey that is apparently how my modified(Duelund caps, RWA battery PSU for custom clock) Accuphase player should sound up top. Hmmmm.... Anywayz CT-1 mids sound super clear sharp and very accurate never too forward or offensive.
Teo has more emotion texture dimensionality in mids akin to tubes. Both have very good air. Bass sounds simply accurate in every way with CT-1 and pretty much gone is that slight thickness I have noticed, although quite enjoyed for a while now, which was around the 200-400Hz. Bass with Teo surely sounds thicker more textured and equally as satisfying just in different ways.
Both equally impacting but quicker tighter and more detailed with CT-1.
CT-1 allows a very dynamic detailed sound-stage.
Yea I somehow hear more detail now, or it is more obvious rather, from top to bottom but still so smoooth!
CT-1 IMO sounds transparent and its hard to detect its own sound. CT-1 seems to just let the signal pass unhindered not editorializing the sound like most cables do to some extent.
So I hear great tone with both cables but is rendered in different fashion in accordance to my comments.
I really can see why, in some situations, some folk might not fully appreciate CT-1. Especially in early stages of audition. This cable seems to allows one to hear more of the source components instead of the cable itself.
It removes all distortion as Rick Schultz claims.
If Teo cable has distortion then its some of the best distortion I have heard!
Even though Teo MkI sounds a bit on the dark side it surely renders micros very well at the same time. I dont want to give the impression Teo is the typical dark sounding cable. It is not!
The much cheaper Jungson MRCA-1 Golden Dragon IC has a delicacy which most other much higher priced cables just could not match. Here both CT-1 and Teo match it.
I could go on and on how I believe both CT-1 and Teo resemble a bunch of other high end cables strengths all in one with no typical shortcomings.
I use upgraded(Xover caps and wire) Tonian labs ribbon super tweeters too btw and I can really hear these ribbons better than ever... so refined and smooth with Ricks cable more so than any other interconnect.
Teo is a bit more rolled off.

CT-1 and Teo together with STL tube buffer/rec re-installed =

I am now hearing a great clarity accuracy with such natural tone timbre that I knew my system was trying to convey for a while now but seemed just that last bit % restricted.
I feel I am hearing my components close to their best.
I can easily hear both these cables doin their thang together and I`m lovin it!
I have been listening with Teo and CT-1 both together in full system configuration for a little while now and I`m actually quite wowed!
They sound great together in my system! Best IC cable combo yet by a long shot!
Fritz Hauser drumming solos never sounded so real and impacting.
I can see why some may choose a part or full loom of either one... again depending on system.
Like if I didn`t have my big tube buffer/rec maybe I would go for more Teo and if I didn't have my Spectrons maybe I would go for more CT-1.

So to summarize I would say CT-1 and/or Teo will surely be main-stayers in many a system!
It seems Teo is voicing their cable to the `organic` natural side of things and High Fidelity is .... well.... high fidelity! - accurate to ones source.
I suppose there is good argument for both and neither is incorrect - just different. Talk about different technologies too... one liquid and one magnets.
What next anti gravity cable??
Man I just love hearing these both together in my system! I would say that CT-1 reminds me of my upgraded Spectron monos with RS speaker cable and Teo reminds me of the best tube amps with maybe Elrod gold speaker cable.
For me , in my system, if I had to choose either one, then I would currently choose CT-1.
Maybe my opinion will change after I send my Teo MkI to Taras for upgrade to MkII status.
They are both very different technology with quite different presentation but both EXCEL at what designers wanted to achieve IMO.
I have much respect for both Rick&co(High fidelity cables) and Taras&co(Teo Liquid cables). I have talked to both these guys and they both really seem to know their shit. Great to talk to also!
I look forward to trying more cables in the future from both these lines.
I am extremely happy recently purchasing the CT-1 as I was with Teo some months back.
I would also like to say that at the price Rick is asking - US1600 is absolutely a bargain compared to many so called high end cables out there with crazy high prices.
So for now will definitely keep Teo and CT-1.
In addition I think Teos higher price tag is also somewhat of a bargain due to what this cable brings exactly and the way it goes about it.
Seems other high end cable manufacturers try to voice their cables in a similar fashion to Teo but at much higher price tag with inferior results such as some `blur` etc.
So hats off to both Teo and to High Fidelity as far as I am concerned!
In the near future I look forward to hearing Teo MkII. Apparently it is a clear improvement over the already great MkI.
Also look forward hearing Ricks XLR in the future which he is apparently working on.
I think you said it all when you said, "Teo has more emotion texture dimensionality in mids akin to tubes."
Petieboy12003...very good assessment of the CT-1...having had the CT-1 and now the CT-1E i can say, without hesitation, that if you like the CT-1, and it appears you do, that you will really love the CT-1E. it improves on every aspect of the CT-1.i,too, have had many great cables in my system but Rick's are, from top to bottom, the best.i am scared to try his 'ultimate' cables. speaker cables are coming soon..again..great review..
The Mk II Teo Audio Liquid Cables are in a different league. In fact I would go so far as to suggest some of the less expensive Mk II models may be better than the Mk I Standard. The good thing is Mk I cables can be upgraded much of the way toward Mk II for very little. One of my customers who wanted to go all the way traded in two pairs of his Mk I on Mk II. His next step will be the ParaHelios (Reference), which he is auditioning now.

Dealer disclosure.
Essentialaudio, frankly I don't think you are right. I have never heard anything like the High Fidelity cables. I am listening to the CT-1 Enhanced now.
Tbg, I was referring to the Mk II compared to the Mk I. Everyone is entitled to an opinion of course, but have you auditioned the Mk II Liquid Cables?
Essentialaudio, I have not heard them, that I know of. Perhaps at CES?
The ParaHelios (Reference) were demonstrated at THE Show, not the Mk II versions of the other models. The latter can be demonstrated at the upcoming Axpona show.
Ricks new CT-1 speaker cables are now available as well. I have the Ultimate speaker cables coming in this week. Excited to compare them to my Stage III and Nordost Valhalla cables.

I am a dealer so want to disclose that although I am not touting how wonderful they are or aren't as I really need to put them through the paces

Just an FYI that they are finally shipping.
If you want me email you with my findings you can email me
There are so many dead boring cable companies out there, what I like both about Teo Audio and High Fidelity Cables is they are both bringing something new to us.
Unfortunately I can`t audition the High fidelity CT-1E for some time, about 12 months apparently, as my system only uses XLR now. However I did indeed receive the Teo STD MkII last year and have since sold CT-1.
I have sold all my tube gear,digital gear,TT, and will not even consider a preamp or buffer now since I have my new computer/DAC front end.
It is PeterST`s best effort package Phasure NOS1 768kHz filterless DAC and XXHighend 6moons computer and XXhighend software from the Netherlands.
Recently won 6moons blue moon award and is now 6moons reference front end "lonely at the top" I just knew it would be.
I believe this could be a serious contender for best - most accurate live natural dynamic - source in the mainstream market today analogue or digital. I was shocked how this front end taught me the truth about tubes/tube gear. I was formerly quite a tube fan. Believe it or not.
Here is 6moons link if interested
I have never ever felt more compelled to present a review or state a recommendation. Shall do soon.
This front end is quite different than anything else on the market and I truly believe the future in DAC/front end technology and FINALLY a digital computer based front end to absolutely eliminate the need for TT tubes or preamp.
Only negative is a bit difficult to get used to if not very much accustomed to computers... bit like myself unfortunately.
If anyone is interested in more info feel free to ask.
Sorry about this whole side note I simply couldn`t help myself.
I could elaborate forever. This thing is THAT THAT good!!!!

Ok back to topic -

IMO Teo MkII now pretty much has all the strengths of CT-1(especially top end detail) but also more of that undeniable Teo organic texture tone weight and incredibly natural timbre which all now sounds somehow more accurate live.
This Teo MkII IC is a perfect match for the rest of my accurate neutral SS system. NOS1 and Teo = match made in heaven IMO.
This is now, so far, my favorite IC of all time.
Petieboy12003, how did you use the HF CT-1 interconnects if you use only balanced? Perhaps that was with your old system? I received a Teo STD ic from a friend to compare with my CT-1s. I did not like it, but don't know whether it was Mk I or Mk II. Frankly, I have heard Teo cables at shows including very recent shows and not had any interest developed from these experiences. My contrast the High Fidelity cables in the Lanshe suite on the last day of CES 2013 were amazing.
Tbg, if you read my review it is pretty clear how I used CT-1 back then.
I will elaborate in this post though.
You simply did not like Teo! Really? Well that has to be a first?
I could understand someone saying they prefer a different "flavor" or simply prefer one to the other in some way but at this level simply to state you don`t like Teo at all is a bit unusual and I believe would have to be somehow premature.

Any one else out there that actually has good experience with Teo audio who simply does not like Teo sound?

There are so many variables/things going on at "shows" etc that I find it a bit too convenient/easy to simply single out the cables/a cable as the culprit to perceived bad sound at a show.
Like I found I can move something or system might get powered off etc and it will mess up the sound to some extent for some period of time so there are just so many things to take into account when trying to assess a audio cable in any given situation.
Anyway that`s a whole other story isn`t it.

I did in fact try CT-1 in my current system as well. Through RCA connection it was lower gain and a bit harder to compare. I can not use my Spectron amps in mono block configuration with RCA as they are internally hooked up as mono block XLR amps . Only one of my amps is still capable to be used as a stereo amp in RCA which is how I was able to compare initially. I tried my best. Listening to many familiar albums over a number of weeks swapping back and forth even giving each cable time to settle back in.
It became clear to me that I was enjoying Teo MkII more. Simple as that.

Spectron amps are great to reveal cable differences as well.
Very good Spectron review here at the bottom of this page link if anyone is interested. I`m sure many have already read this though. Spectron is the real deal if used correctly.
I am confident that my assessments are relevant. I believe my new system is pretty much as accurate and neutral as they come.

Every additional cable in ones system will of course be a factor.
In my current system I am using the new Acoustic Revive USB-1.0SP`S` dual conduit between computer and DAC which is apparently one of, if not the, most accurate neutral USB cables on the market atm.
On my Spectron mono blocks I use Spectrons top of the line Remote sense cables whose design are influenced by other cable experts Elrod and Pranawire who also sell highly renowned state of the art cables. I am particularly a big fan of Elrod too BTW.
To quote Dr. Simon Thacher of Spectron -
"Remote Sense Cables have “the remote sense circuitry” which is unique and no other amplifier in the world have it. This circuitry was design to minimize the effect of ANY cable’s electrical characteristics on the sound and it does work in highly MEASURABLE fashion -of course, in different cables this effect varies"
So I believe I have a high res solid neutral accurate foundation(other cables and components) to compare IC`s between source and amplification . No preamp no other IC`s in the chain and very pure AC consisting of 60 amp lines, upgraded from street to new heavy duty breakers then to system. All contacts have been treated. Maestro outlet with Oyaide carbon fiber cover. Acoustic Revive ultimate passive conditioner(I have owned Bybee and Synergistic research powercell MkII) Elrod gold statement V2 from wall to conditioner(awesome beginning of chain PC) and other select high quality cords connected to components.
Even so,once again, there is always different variables involved that we just can`t always account for accurately to determine any absolutes right?

Tbg says > I think you said it all when you said, "Teo has more emotion texture dimensionality in mids akin to tubes"

I understand what you are getting at Tbg.
Only lately do I realize what I said was really a premature statement.
Since my new front end has revealed "to me" what tubes actually do.... I wish to retract this statement.
In my new aware state of consciousness I view this statement as now a bit of a bash against Teo. Which obviously was not my initial intention.
Teo liquid cable is not a tube simple as that.
I do not think Teo sound is akin to tubes anymore .
I would now say "Teo has more emotion etc in mids akin to live music" instead.
I also wish i chose a different heading for my review haha. Oh well.
Maybe "Teo AND High Fidelity" or "2 great IC`s" or something like that would have been more appropriate.

It was never really my intention to make this thread a fullon ongoing Teo VS HF or especially tube vs SS.
I was lucky enough to have in my possession two of the best IC`s I have ever heard and I wanted to share my thoughts.
I am simply elaborating on what I believe to be a bit of a personal audio revelation lately since the arrival of my new front end,departure of tubes, and Teo MkII IC. Absolutely nothing against CT-1 either.

OK, a mate of mine has a nice neutral Linn Klimax system in his small pseudo studio. Obviously not to the level of my current components but probably just as neutral.
He has allot of experience through his life in audio and cables. His opinion was similar to mine.
Last year we compared Teo MkI and CT-1 in this system listening through some high end expensive Grado head phones.
Our overall impressions were similar to what I heard on my own system.
The highs seemed to be the main difference once again.
Teo MkII is definitely more open than MkI.

There is no way I could possibly state that I simply do not like either one.
IMO Teo and HF are undoubtedly right at the top in their field. Both state of the art today.
Having said all that, I am of course still open minded to trying CT-1E one day as soon as Ricks XLR is available.
I have no doubt CT-1E is stellar. Really look forward to auditioning it.
Sure I could try CT-1E RCA now but I am not so keen due to the gain issue and my system configuration.
Hurry up Rick! lol

Once I had my new NOS1 front end run in and started swapping some cables slowly I really noticed the difference with high end cables more than ever before in a more sophisticated way if that makes any sense. Micro details/dynamics harmonics etc.
Not so much of a definite tone change as before.
Also I now find that lesser cables and even stock cables sound different compared to before.
I can now hear a bit clearer the obvious color distortion and tone change lesser cables impart on the signal.
Stock cables sound a bit better than I ever thought they sounded before as well. I have a new small appreciation for poor but "neutral"

Compared to other cables I tried not long after my new front end, including CT-1 to some extent, there just was not that same realism as with Teo MkII.
For some reason Teo MkII really "seems" to be meshing with this front end much better than anything else I have tried so far. Something to do with the 768kHz DAC? IDK
I will ask Taras if he has any idea since he is the one who is most qualified to answer.

The natural reproduction of the most delicate harmonic structures naturalness of instrument timbre and natural clear as a bell full chesty(not just mainly throaty) vocals, smoothness, detail, dynamics etc that Teo MkII allow/help to provide sounds so so real now.

We only truly know how good something sounds until we clearly hear something better right.

I know my new front end has easily made the biggest improvement in my system but having said that..... as Greg Focker would say -
And the only way that I would ever let go of my cables would be if you came over here right now and tried to pry it from my dead, lifeless fingers, okay? If you can get it from my kung-fu grip then you can come and have it, okay?
Okay I am a cable nut lol

IDC what anyone says who has had some limited experience with a Teo cable of some unknown model or what anyone thinks some cable might sound like at some show.
I think it`s pretty obvious Teo audio designs great cables easily comparable to the best out there in our mainstream market. To me that is blatantly obvious.
I think my own experience accounts for something as well.

Right now I must say that I think Teo MkII is "special" especially, it seems, if ones system really is highly resolving accurate neutral. This is simply my honest experience.

Actually I wish I still had Teo MkI to evaluate on this system to compare to CT-1 and MkII as this would give a bit more idea maybe of what is going on since installing my new front end.

I have a small list of components cables that I watch out of interest roughly once a week on the used market.
Teo is amongst the top few that I hardly ever see for sale. Plenty of extremely positive comments on the net from those that have had some decent experience/time with Teo cables. Also I have talked to a few Teo owners on the net and they all say the same thing that they have not as much interest auditioning any other brand now but have a huge desire to hear Teo Reference line.
Yes I am one of them. Soon maybe.
But like I said - I will still be trying Ricks CT-1E XLR in the future.
This should be interesting.
Petieboy12003,wow! Enjoy your Teos.
Taras of Teo Audio will be at the Axpona show here in Chicago next month and will be happy to answer questions. Please stop by Room 902 to meet him and have a listen. We'll be debuting some new Teo Audio products as well.
I'm in the market for an I/C and in addition to these two cables, I'm also interested in the LiveLine and the HiDiamond, both if which have received stellar reviews. Any comments on these other cables?
I recently purchased a used TEO STD Mk11 based on this review. I was very apprehensive and scared as this was alot of money for me. Turns out it has completely tranformed my system. Stunning cable. The realism is staggering. Spot on tonality and presence. It's a sheer joy to listen to music. I realized for all these years I had been listening to digital bits. Now I have a analog like flow of sound with musicians in the room. I don't know if the high fidelity is better as I've not heard it. Quite honestly I don't care. After a while it's just splitting hairs. Others can debate the merits of this cable or that. Me, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the music.

Thanks for the review that led me to this wonder.

System: Verity audio Parsifal speakers, Jadi CD1, Cat Ultimate Preamp, Music Reference RM9 SE (a trully remarkable amp).
That`s great Essoteric. What is your other IC?
Good description. I know exactly what you mean. I feel very much the same as yourself. Glad I could help. However I would not quite abandon all interest in the High Fidelity CT-1E in the future. Still intent on trying one as soon as they are available in XLR although I don`t really feel much anticipation as I am just that happy with Teo. Until then I am off the merry-go-round and thoroughly enjoying my system like never before. I am now positive the Teo MKII is really delivering as the crucial all important link between my DAC and amps better than any other IC to date.
I feel completely confident to put the Teo up against anything in a second but like Essoteric, I just don`t really care anymore.
Very happy and confident with my cables, over a long period, for the first time ever.
Well done Teo and thank you Taras again for everything.
I have a budget I/C by a British company called the Crimson Music Link and my speaker cables are the Kaplans. I'd love to be able to replact the I/C with the Teo Mk 11 but a 3m run is beyond my budget. Any recommendation in the $2,000 range for a used 3m pair would be much appreciated.

I'd like to add that the Teo has gotten even better. I've spent more time listening to music these last 4 weeks then ever before. I'm like a heroin addict, I just can't get enough. It's the best invesment I've made in my audio gear and I've spent thousands of dollars. It's not that my system didn't sound good before, it did. It's just that I would play music and sit back and read a book. Now reading is out of the question because the music completely draws you in, this cable is soooo good. That was the missing link.

I'll be forever indebted to you Petieboy for your excellent review that led me to this cable. Your description of the sonics were spot on. If you have a recommendation for a DAC, I'd greatly apprecite it. I've read good reviews of the Metum Hex and the Auralic Vega.
Great news again Essoteric. I know exactly what you mean. Teo MKII is truly special.
How is it going lately since burning in more? Any improvement?

I have decided to purchase Teo speaker cables some time this year as well. Even though it is a bit more than I can afford right now.... I am very confident in the result.
Very much looking forward to it and will surely post my thoughts here when the time comes. So those interested stay tuned.
I described my current SC above.

Regarding DAC.
Actually I already mentioned above what I believe is easily the best digital front end available on our mainstream market. Some will say best source period and I wouldn't doubt that at all.
It is Europes big hit(getting worldwide recognition too)the highly unique PHASURE NOS1 USB DAC with matching XXhighend software and custom high end computer designed by Peter Stordiau(PeterSt)from Switzerland.
6moons recent blue moon award. Labelled "lonely at the top"
Feel free to msg me for additional info which I am more than happy to pass on. There is quite a bit.
Tons of info though on Peter`s website at Phasure.com. It is a real community where Peter fully participates.
Peter`s gear is already quite the buzz on various other audio forums.
He is great to approach. Extremely friendly, very helpful(even after purchase)zero pressure and more importantly with 90 day money back for initial peace of mind.... not that this will matter once you hear. Absolute pleasure to deal with.
I can pretty much guarantee you will not find a NOS1 on the used market either.
I could go on and on but simply put ... this PC DAC system is the REAL DEAL unlike any other!!!!!
Look out USA

BTW I will start a new thread dedicated to NOS1 soon as I see there is virtually no mention on Audiogon yet.
Fascinating. I have never heard of Teo Audio. I am always open to trying new cables. This is now on my list. I will report back my opinion.
Hey Petieboy12003,

I noticed you mentioned you liked the copper Vcaps in your Spectron amps. I also own a pair of Spectron monoblock amps and I am wondering how you upgraded your amps? Sounds like you are really happy with the upgrade.

I replaced my remote sense speaker cables with Pranawire Cosmos speaker wire a couple of years ago. You might want to check it out. The Pranawire Cosmos speaker wire seems to work well with Spectron amps.
Hi Lee, I found the RS MKII Sig needed quite some time to settle or burn in but after quite a while they really started to impress. There was a stage, early on, nearly gave up on them I must admit. Must be patient with these.
Yes have heard that the Pranawire is good, especially with Spectron.
I simply love what Teo liquid brings and believe this myself to be a very wonderful match with Spectron.
Bit hard to try everything eh.
I am 100% convinced with Teo and will stick with them.
Teo STD MKII surely is special.

Yep the V-cap CuTF really was a nice upgrade. Easily better than the TFTF IMO.
Not cheap but well worth it.
Work was done by Spectron before amps where sent to me but I believe can be done by trusted skilled electronic tech.
Gota be careful with those amp modules though. Recommend to consult with Simon or Manh first.

So far definitely love CuTF in component applications.
Also found Vnice little trick with smallest value TFTF(from Spectron amp) as double bypass coupled to 1st small bypass NOS Russian silver mica SSG on tweeter Xover with main caps Duelund or Mundorf S/G/O.
I have a budget I/C by a British company called the Crimson Music Link and my speaker cables are the Kaplans. I'd love to be able to replact the I/C with the Teo Mk 11 but a 3m run is beyond my budget. Any recommendation in the $2,000 range for a used 3m pair would be much appreciated.

I've Teo interconnects and have tried the speaker cable in my system.

It'd be worth trying Z:Axis interconncts, the UK maker posts on Audiogon as Ps68.

I run 5m of speaker cable and Teo is ruinously expensive in that length. I've been trialling Z:Axis speaker cable and while it doesn't deliver quite the same richly textured image density as Teo in my system it does offer up lovely tonality and air. I've not tried the interconnects but they're well reviewed and if they're anything like the speaker cable they could be a good option within budget.
Defride, you are correct that the Teo Audio speaker cables in that length are very expensive. Many who purchase them own monoblock amplifiers positioned near the speakers. The interconnects are much less, starting with the ApheHelios at $1000/1m pair. The Standard Mk IIs are $2995/1m pair (RCA), and there are other models in between as well as the ParaHelios (Reference) which is much more.

Brian Walsh

Where did you buy your Teo MK2?
nice review. Keep posting your impressions as you change out cables/cords.
Glory, I recall your stint with the Audio Magic Clairvoyant. You had liked them very much initially, you are still interested in the liquid design? I am using two PCs and one IC into the Oracle, tho I have not really experimented so cannot offer any feedback.

I think the AC cable are great on digital gear but the SC/IC were just OK sounding. The Teo IC is a much better cable than the AM IC.
Any more Teo users out there? Plz post!
I have used the Teo digital cable and it is the real deal. No doubt....