High Fidelity Cables?

I’ve noticed for the past week or so, that my favorite cable manufacturer, High Fidelity Cables, is closed due to Covid.  Anyone know anything more?



Wrong.  The "religious Rick" with a k and HFC Rick are the same guy. I had several talks with him for the last 15 years. He is the former owner of Virtual Dynamics cables who had Bible psalms on his Stereophile ads. His company went belly up in 2011 then he moved from Canada to Texas where he opened High Fidelity cables. History repeating itself.

Ric from EVS is a different person.


Hey 99,


“What a pathetic lesson coming from a religious freak. Scary. Preach the word of god and stiff your brothers.”  From 99


Rick is a true believer in the Death burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ so what makes him a religious freak? Where and when did he preach to you? Never!


I am then a RF also in your 💩 world.


Has he stiffed anyone out there?

@glory wait some will see these posts and state their HF status or lack their of. He did leave all his employees in Texas in the lurch and unpaid.

Lo or no class for sure.