High Fidelity Cables MC 1-PRO

Just plugged it into my system yesterday. So it only has about 10 hours on it. First impressions The sound became more detailed in the mid range really opens up nice. (not harsh or lean). The base is tighter but not as deep as before. I experience the same base problem when i started breaking in High Fidelity MC 6 Hemisphere. The base with the Hemisphere took a long while, but came in great (Better than orginal) after it had 500 plus hours on it. So for now i am not worried about that. Since High Fidelity recommends about 400 hours before the MC 1 Pro settles in. The sound stage as a whole is much more defined feels sound like it has more energy, but it did shrink a little again i feel this will get better than it was with reaching the 400 hour mark. I am very happy with the over all sound my systems has since adding the MC 1-Pro and thinking about adding another one.
I did plug the MC 1-PRO in at the wall with my 21 MC 0.5s all on the same line that feeds the MC 6 Hemisphere. Which feeds my front end, TV and Sat. box. i all so have 6 MC 0.5 plugged into the Hemisphere. The Pro and the MC 0,5s sound very good together and a nice match up. Will report more as i get more time on the MC 1 PRO.
enjoy Pete
Thanks for the update, Pete. I have no doubt that when the MC 1-PRO has 500 hours on it and everything is left in place all will be very good!
@68pete, can you hear any differences between MC 1-PRO and MC 0,5?
Hello Joecasey
Yes there is a difference between the Pro and the MC O.5s. But there is a difference between a apple and orange, both great tasting with healthy different values. both good for you in there own ways.
The MC-1Pro is much heaver and bigger than the MC O.5s. I would guess weight wise it weighs as much as 4 MC O.5s. The Pro is harder to stack in a chain using the 3 to 1 adapters like the .5s.The Pro cost more than 6 MC O.5s  If you have followed the High Fidelity thread at all you will read that i really like the MC O.5s. I have 48 of them spread around my stereo system. To get a  fair comparison between the two, i think you would have to use them  in a system that did not have any High Fidelity products in it . I like the Pro a lot but i am not removing any MC O.5s in my system to add more Pros, But i will add some more Pros in the future. The MC O.5s really gave me good separation in sounds with a deeper black between each sound. Where so far the Pro has expanded on that and given each sound a more of a defined edge (not harsh) with the mid range and highs really coming on strong (not in your face) nicely, rich sounding. Right now i would say the 2 compliment each other and make each better. I hope this helps.
enjoy Pete
The base is now coming back better than it was. Much strong and defined.
68pete, thanks for the update.
Got a BUNCH of MC O.5s on one outlet and like the results.  Just wondering if MC-1Pro simply repackaging of MC O.5.
The Mc O.5s and the MC-Pro are different The Pro as i under stand it has a different configuration of magnets in them . The Helix braid that is in the URH level and higher. And a add very small capacitor to aide in moving the electrons. That technology is in the Pro Elite level i believe. They are the same in that its magnets, but very different after that. You could put the question to Rick or Casey at High Fidelity. They should give you a better answer. Hope that helps
Pete, I'm more interested in owners experience than manufacturer claims.

I'm using orange outlet adapters from Lowe with Mc 0.5s.  I have to buy 2 MC-Pro at a time to keep the chain in balance.  LOL!!!   I have 2 supports underneath the chain.  I'll report my experience when I buy them.
I have my MC O.5s in the orange outlet adapters all so stacked or daisy chain together. The Pro did not fit well with this type of stacking unless you plugged it in at the very in of the outlets. I removed 1 MC O.5 from the chain plugged a 11inch power cord in to that spot plugged a orang adapter in to it add the MC O5 along with the Pro. this worked great for me. good luck and report back
Or use a very short power cord and a regular power strip that has no specisl features in it other than to supple power.
Hi HFC Friends,
I've had an MC-1.0 plugged into my system for a few weeks now and it sounds great!!!
I have 16 MC-0.5s in my system and pulled one out to fit the MC 1 in.
I find it revealing that one MC 1 made an improvement over 15
I also have a dozen "power noise traps" in the system and the MC 1 improves the sound over them also.
The sound is cleaner and quieter, more open, defined and realistic.
Like Pete68, I would not remove my .5s but add more MC 1s.
I believe the MC 1s use ever more powerful magnets, a better configuration and a capacitor.
I will be listening more as the weeks go by and trying different tests
to better understand and describe the MC-1.0.
Meanwhile...I'm enjoying the music.
Hope you are too.
After further MC-1 Break in, and more exacting listening conditions.
My listening friends and I agree that the MC-1 is a winner.
It really added life. In the usual high fidelity manner, Adding this 
device brings the system performance up to the next level.
Like going from helix to pro, the MC 1 is much better than the
MC .5. I'm keeping my 16 " MC 0.5s ", but the 1 is another level,
The MC 1 feels like it weighs 5 or 6 times that of the little brother.
Bigger and more powerful Magnets. You Know what that means!!
Everything is so much more real. It adds magic and intrigue to my listening which I love. Unplugging the MC 1 lets the air out of the music
Gotta keep it in the system! Thanks Rick!

Hi HFC Friends,
I’ve had an MC-1.0 plugged into my system for a few weeks now and it sounds great!!!
I have 16 MC-0.5s in my system and pulled one out to fit the MC 1 in.
I find it revealing that one MC 1 made an improvement over 15
I also have a dozen "power noise traps" in the system and the MC 1 improves the sound over them also.
The sound is cleaner and quieter, more open, defined and realistic.
Like Pete68, I would not remove my .5s but add more MC 1s.
I believe the MC 1s use ever more powerful magnets, a better configuration and a capacitor.
I will be listening more as the weeks go by and trying different tests
to better understand and describe the MC-1.0.
Meanwhile...I’m enjoying the music.
Hope you are too.

That should read, "I find it revealing that one MC 1 made an improvement IN ADDITION TO 15 MC-0.5s" Over would mean more than 15 of them, as if you replaced all but one of them. This just means the 1 does something different to the sound.
The MC O.5s and the MC 1 Pro work well together. In my system the MC 1 Pro improved the sound differently than the Mc O5s. Both very good.
Now that I've heard what the MC 1 can do i wonder...
what happens when you add more MC 1s???
Guess I'll have to get more and try it.

Thanks for the updates on the MC-1 Pro. I upgraded from the Reveal RCA ICs to the CT-2 and have been astonished at the difference in sound. The MC-1 Pro is on my wish list down the road so following your comments. FYI, now that the CT-2 IC has around 450+ hours on them, the bass is very deep and clean. Again thanks for the update on the MC-1 Pro.
Out of curiosity can anyone tell me how the CT-2 interconnects compare in sound quality to the HF Ultimate or Ultimate Reference interconnects?
Glad to here your CT-2s are sounding great for you. The MC-1 Pro will even bring in more clarity and still sound very lush with no hardness or dryness. When you get your Pro post your feeling on  it and where you put it in your system. All of High Fidelitys products seam to work well with each other.
Superb, system-altering products keep coming from Rick Schultz. This is no minor improvement and it's effects are almost undersold on the website. I too, replaced one of my MC-05's in a chain of 12 to the MC-1 Pro. I was astounded by the overall change for the better - as described perfectly by everyone here. The only caveat is that, like the description says, - this sucked the life out of my sound for about an hour. I actually removed it twice out of disappointment and then just decided to ride it out. Glad I did! (and I should have known)

Not only are the products great but so are the people at HFC. Thanks Rick, Casey, Joey, and Kristi
I would love to have one my system, but it is way out of my price range.

Wow! Holy crap!
I’ll watch for a used one when it gets below $1000.

I recently added 2 MC-1 Pros to my system. WOW, what a difference they made. I agree with a post above (tgun5) that HFC is kind of underplaying the significant effect they will have on a system. I am not a new comer to the magnets, I have a full system of HFC products. The MC-1 Pro is just a different animal compared to other HFC products. The MC-1 Pro gave me more of a performance boost then when I added 2 Helix power cables to my system. The MC-1 Pros added more detail, accuracy, richness and realism to the music in a large way. Better bass and a wider more defined soundstage. I was not expecting this level of performance increase given all of the other HFC cables that are in my system. Believe it, more magnets = more music !

To anyone out there wondering which HFC product to buy first, I can say without hesitation the MC-1 Pro. Start there and experience the true benefits of magnets. This technology is a game changer.
I agree! The MC Pros are fantastic!!
My second MC Pro made as substantial an improvement as the first.
More intimate and revealing, more musical and clean, more real.
Smoother at higher volumes, better clarity and soundstage presents.
It would not surprise me if the MC 1 PRO did become the most popular item at HFC.
Now I must wonder what 3 or 4 MC 1 PROs would sound like in my system.

Has anyone compared the results of the MC Pro 1 to the benefit of using 2 of the Omega mats?

Both of these items are intriguing but my budget has only room for one of these items. I already have 20 of the MC-.05’s spread out over my 3 dedicated lines.

I do not know about the Omega mats (thinking about trying one). The MC 1 Pro is very good. If you liked the MC O.5s you will love the MC 1 Pro. The MC 1 Pro works well with the MC O.5s and will not disappoint. For me the MC O.5s did not take long to break in 20 hours maybe where the MC 1 Pro will be a lot more, but well worth it. With out a doubt a step up in sound across the board. Both the Mat and the Pro offer 30 day trial periods.
Although I have not tried or heard the MC 1 Pro that's the route I'd recommend especially since you like the MC-0.5's.
I've demoed one E-Mat for about 30 days and although many report excellent results with it, I've not heard any improvement in my systems.
Seems like a lot of money for a single E-Mat ($600) and the suggestions from the audiophiles that have good results seems to be you need more than one E-Mat...
Concerning the Omega E Mats, I have them installed in three different systems in two different houses. I have found that one E Mat placed in the Circuit breaker box improves the sound of any system fed by that breaker box. I think most systems would benefit from an E Mat at this location.

And since it is a one minute installation and comes with a 30  day trial, I think it is a fun experiment to perform.

David Pritchard
68pete, lak, davidpritchard,

Thanks for the comments. I think I am going to try a MC1 Pro.


FYI @davidpritchard from your suggestion on another Audiogon Forum I've had the E-Mat in my main breaker panel (three other locations previously) for two weeks as of tomorrow 8/20/2018, still waiting to hear an improvement.

Very interesting that there is no change in the sound but I know you gave the Omega E Mat a fair audition. I do hope you will return it for a refund.

David Pritchard
Hi All, I know the MC PRO is a winner as my 2 have brought me 2 levels closer to audio Nirvana. I'm hearing soundstage imaging that I didn't know was possible.
Ozzy- I have 16 of the MC-0.5s and the first MC PRO blew the sound away. I think the 05s are great! They don't give you what the PRO does.
I hope you do try one and let us know what you think.
They do take a week or more to be fully engaged.
Enjoy the music
davidpritchard and lak
How far are your breaker panel boxes from the equipment? Could distance have anything to do with the different results?
68pete my breaker panel box is in the same room as system # 2 (20 feet of 10 gauge wire) and system # 1 (30 feet of 10 gauge wire).

do you by any chance have ERS cloth on or around you breaker panel? It seems from ozzy’s experience that the cloth can interfere with the effect of the mat. Also, Bybee QSEs and iQSEs don’t mix well with the mat.
No, just my breaker panel.
Today makes two weeks in the same location so maybe after today when I do some additional listening I'll detect something.
BTW; can anyone tell me when I remove the E-Mat if it was doing something that I missed over the two week period in the breaker box, would removeing it give me an emidate difference in sound, or does it take a while?

I don't know the answer from personal experience, as I  haven't removed any of my mats after placing them. Others have said in the mat thread that the effect does linger a while when they are removed.
Thanks, tommylion, I do read the E-Mat thread also :-)
I'm keeping an open mind, possibily there is a gradual improvement that I won't realize until I remove the E-Mat?
Does anyone know whether the ground pin on the MC1 Pro or the MC-05 for that matter is actually used in the design?
In other words if it is plugged into a non grounded or 2 prong socket would it still be as effective?

Hello ozzy
I asked High Fidelity your question? The MC 1 pro would function but not as well with the ground missing and would be more like a powerful  MC O5. The MC O 5 would work ok. Hope this helps

Thanks for the information. I'm going to try a couple of the Pro's. Hopefully I will get them Monday.

However, in a few hours I am scheduled for shoulder surgery (rotator cuff, bicep repair). So I'm not sure how well or how soon I will be able to get behind the rack to plug them in.

@ozzy, I hope all goes well with the surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery! Remember, I could assist you when you are up to it...no problem!
Good luck with the surgery 
Post removed 
Thanks, 3 days after surgery now. I can' believe how difficult it is to use just my left arm.
I was able to plug 2 of the Pro's in. One for digital and one for analog yesterday.

I will post more after a few more days of breakin. Does just having them plugged in to the main outlet's count towards breakin time ?

Hi ozzy
Glad to hear you got through the surgery. do not rush the arm and do all of the physical therapy they give you for it. I believe just like the MC O5's you must be using the Pro's to break them in.
I've been told that one has to use the Pro in an active system for break-in to occur.
Good morning...

New to this forum, but not to HFC. I have 2 Reveal PC's, an Enhanced PC, a Hemisphere, 7-0.5's, and Reveal speaker cables. Will be buying an MC-1 Pro later this month. 

I was wanting to know if anyone has plugged an MC-1 Pro into their Hemisphere, and if so, the impressions....

I know the wall is MUCH better for 0.5's, but I am really wanting to put this in the Hemi on the same plug with my amp. 

Thoughts from you veterans??    
I don't have a Pro 1 but I own and use most other HFC higher end cables, 0.5's, MC-6 and Hemisphere. I would think the best place to plug in the Pro would be the wall outlet. I've been told it's somewhat different than the 0.5's and works best from the wall outlet. With that said there's absolutely nothing wrong with experimentation ;-)
The 2 MC 1 Pro’s that I have sure make the treble sound glassy.
I have maybe 190 hours on them just being plugged in. The actual music time is much less. Is this hardness expected during breakin?

Hello ozzy
The plug in time with not being used mean nothing. Its the playing time that you want and you need about 300 to 400 hours. They should settle down at that point. Yes they will not sound good for a while, but they come around.