High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Effect

I'm looking for some advice please.
Has anyone used/is using a High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Power Conditioner?
What are your observations?
I'm looking at possibly getting one.

Have a number of extras already:
- Akiko Triple AC Power Enhancer
- Akiko Audio Fuse Box Tuning Chip
- iFi AC iPurifier
- Russ Andrews 'The Silencer'
- Mad Scientist Nitro power cables
- Signal Ground Solutions Grounding Box
- Bybee iQSE

I'm not looking for comments from those who have not heard this in a system.


Such a coincidence:

— A week ago I asked the company if they were going to have any sales like Black Friday, as I wanted to buy more NPS 1260.  No reply.

—Two days ago, I see that NPS 1260 is sold out.  Hmmmm.

—Yesterday I notice a sale “60 % off Black Friday site wide sale” through Dec 5th.  NPS 1260 still “sold out”.  Hmmmm again.


Crummwoody maybe they mark Sold Out because they are not included on the sale..Adapters are not included on the sale, mark sold out as well.

Appears you may well be right.  I would have liked it better if the web site simply listed the item as not eligible for the Black Friday discount.  But- not my company, not my call.


Hello i have done about 30 of the MC o5s so far. and yes the sound got better. The sound stage as a whole be came bigger and more defined, Just better sounding across the board.

Thxs 68pete, I’m looking forward to trying nps 1260 when its available and back in stock. I have 3 mc 05s now

2 helix sigs 1 reg. It sounds awesome at this moment but wonder if a anotjer helix sig or mc1 ? 

If id hear a difference.