High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Effect

I'm looking for some advice please.
Has anyone used/is using a High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Power Conditioner?
What are your observations?
I'm looking at possibly getting one.

Have a number of extras already:
- Akiko Triple AC Power Enhancer
- Akiko Audio Fuse Box Tuning Chip
- iFi AC iPurifier
- Russ Andrews 'The Silencer'
- Mad Scientist Nitro power cables
- Signal Ground Solutions Grounding Box
- Bybee iQSE

I'm not looking for comments from those who have not heard this in a system.

Not sure lost track...lol The sell price was just too good to pass up.
68pete I hope they will do sale again before Christmas, true it’s hard to pass.
I have found for me that the MC o5s and other wave guides. Give the bigger bump on the front end equipment. They do help on the amp side, but better on the front end side. I have more than a few on my amp line. If i was just going with 1 wave guide in my system it would be for the front end. The bass is the last to improve, but it will just takes more time.
68pete have you used the nps 1260 with your 68 mc05 s yet ?
Whats different now using nps ?
Hello aseaman007
 Yes i have it on about half of them. i will get around to doing the rest later on. Yes big improvement, the sound stage gets much bigger. The separation of different instruments gets bigger . It takes what the MC O5s do and improves it. They work well together. It works well with all the wave guides from the MC O5s to the MC-1 Pro Double Helix  Signatures. Midrange and highs are what stood out first with the bass coming a little longer in time.