High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Effect

I'm looking for some advice please.
Has anyone used/is using a High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Power Conditioner?
What are your observations?
I'm looking at possibly getting one.

Have a number of extras already:
- Akiko Triple AC Power Enhancer
- Akiko Audio Fuse Box Tuning Chip
- iFi AC iPurifier
- Russ Andrews 'The Silencer'
- Mad Scientist Nitro power cables
- Signal Ground Solutions Grounding Box
- Bybee iQSE

I'm not looking for comments from those who have not heard this in a system.

Quick update - everything sounding VERY nice.  Little instrumental clues are much more clear, soundstage well delineated. Seems to enhance the space, sweetness, and silence between notes and instruments that I appreciated first with my MIT cables. Bass firmed up from initial installation, and still nice and deep.  Overall a definite winner.  I did not move the unit to the 'source' side/outlet, but will likely add another MC unit within the next couple of weeks. (Original unit is between 200 and 400 hours so far). Thumbs up !!
Put my money where my mouth is and purchased second unit today.. Will put this one on the 'digital' outlet.
I've joined the MC  club today also.It's only been plugged in for a couple of hours but already having a positive effect.Mostly by a more realistic ambiance  as others have stated.A bit of a glaze on the upper bass which everyone claims will clear up.A nice natural sound overall.Some things are leaping out of the mix in a very cool way- an aggressive pluck of a guitar string or a drum stick.Very nice!